Scarecrow Contest is September 19 !!

10646664_10152433185104611_6819777778586671990_nResidential, business, & non profit entries accepted. Contest wood frame is required & can be purchased at RF &G for $10. If you already have a frame from past entries, you may reuse it. We REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want any one who has a yard or even an apartment to make a scarecrow this year!!! This contest has always been about decorating our community for fall to create a fun, colorful, welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Estill County is beautiful, especially when the leaves change,and lots of people visit us to see the color. Let’s say “WELCOME TO ESTILL COUNTY!!!”

Call the shop at 606-723-2175 for more info.  Contest rules are available with entry form when you pick up a frame to build on.

Living in the Wedding Happy Place!!

We are having the busiest wedding season we have had in a few years.

With Pinterest & Hobby Lobby, weddings have changed a lot for us, but we have found a “happy place” now with our brides. We provide the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages for everyone to carry and wear, and the bride, along with family and friends, decorate the venues. DIY is a big deal now, but we are okay with that! Our expertise is with the fresh cut flowers and brides are choosing to turn that over to us.   We often sell fresh flowers to brides at a low markup for them to decorate the reception themselves, also.  I really love Pinterest and like the fact that brides come in for their consultation armed with photos of what they want! Some of them make boards for me to refer to when I create their bouquets.

I am proud to say that in the last eight years, only three brides have not accepted my bid for their wedding flowers.  Most all of our brides and their mothers heave a sigh of relief when I give them a price, and then they say “That’s not bad at all!!  We thought it would be a lot more!!”  The majority of our brides are girls who bought their prom flowers from us in high school, and said the same thing then!  I must not be charging enough, LOL!!

We try to keep our prices reasonable. We are not a wealthy community.  We are all pinching our pennies to get by today.  I will never try to overcharge anyone for their flowers!  In fact, in the case of premium flowers, such as peonies, hydrangeas, and garden roses, our mark up is less than it is on other flowers.  Please understand that we have to charge for the time it takes to create bouquets, corsages, and bouts, but our rate is less than in bigger towns.  I want girls to have the flowers they love for their special day and I don’t want money to stand in their way!!

Let me add one other thing: Quality, attractive, lifelike silk flowers are fairly pricey these days, so if you are thinking silk to save money, but would really rather have real flowers, let us give you an estimate.  Estimates are free!!!  No commitments, no hard feelings if you decide to stay with the silks!  We do sell very nice silk flowers, but we can’t compete with the variety of flowers and colors that Hobby Lobby has, so we understand if you are purchasing your flowers there.

If you are getting married, give us a shot at your fresh flowers!  If you have been told that we are too high priced, you have been talking to someone who is misinformed!!! Don’t believe rumors!  I would be happy to show you pics of recent weddings we have done and some of our brides would probably talk to you if you’d like.  Call the shop to set up an appointment for a relaxed, laid back, consultation.  I’d love to talk to you!Tess, Jordyn, may 29, 2015 008


The Top Plants For Butterfly Gardens:

According to blog, The following are the top ten plants to attract butterflies to your yard:

*Butterfly Bush.   (Buddleia davidii)lo_behold_blue_chip_jr_buddleia-2092


Blackeyed Susan     (Rudbeckia)

South American Verbena.   (Verbena bonariensis)

Anise Hyssop



*Purple Coneflower.   (Echinacea)bright star

*Tall Garden Phlox

All plants on this list marked with an asterisk are available at Ravenna Florist & Greenhouse.



The first day of spring is just two weeks away!  REALLY!  Seeds are already germinating on the heat mat, baby plants are growing in the greenhouse, the geraniums have arrived and have been transplanted.  In the shop we are feasting on beautiful blue hydrangeas and gerbera daisies, and trying out new designs.  Spring wreaths are going up on the walls.  We will be ready when spring decides to take it’s turn!