Here’s What is Happening!!

In October, we’ve got two great deals for you this month!  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  fight-breast-cancer

We will have pink roses all month for the low, low price of $29.99, cash & carry in tissue.   Arranged, one dozen roses are $45 plus tax & delivery.


Throughout the month of October, you can make a $1 donation and your name will be entered in a drawing for a Willow Tree Christmas Story Nativity.  This includes The Holy Family, the Sanctuary, and the Gentle Animals of the Stable.  All of this sells for $290!   Donations will go to the Marcum & Wallace Hospital Foundation to buy 3 D Mammography.

The more dollars you donate, the more times your name will be entered!

We will draw the winner on Saturday, Nov. 5, at 4:00 pm, at the close of our Holiday Open House!!

Hello!!!! We’re back!!!!

Hello, out there, cyber land!  I’ve been locked out of our website for two months!  It was a major goal of mine to do some serious work online this summer while business is slow, but, that didn’t happen!  Hopefully, I can get something done in August.  Today was the first day of school for the kids here.July 2015 008

We grownups at the flower shop will start soon and work all month to be ready when FALL hits September 1, 2016!August 2015 039

There is lots to look forward to in September: On Labor Day weekend there will be a 2nd annual Picnic in the Park in our lovely Ravenna Veterans Park on Friday night, and then Revive River Drive will return on Saturday night.

On September 17, our annual event, the Ravenna Railroad Festival , will be happening in the Ravenna Veterans Memorial Park.  Don’t we have a fabulous park, especially for such a small town???12002998_10153240340494611_5545788596543734060_n 12027580_10153240343439611_7280876062482946284_n 11216811_10153240343284611_792907418530865266_n

In the week between those events, a couple of milestone birthdays will be happening in the family.  One will be a 30th birthday of the creator of many artistic endeavors, including our custom designed etched glasses, and the other is the 60th birthday of the “Boss”!


We have a lot of catching up to do on here, so I better get to work!  Thanks for tuning in!

Memorial Day is May 30, 2016

May23,2015 026We are ready to assist you with your Memorial Day needs!  In our garden center, we have lots of beautiful Knockout Roses, perfect for cemetery planting, as well as annual bedding plants.  Our bedding plants have been inside our greenhouses for the last week, staying warmer and drier than they could have out in our wet, dreary weather.

In the flower shop, we have many silk flower monument saddles, vases, and Memorial Gardens arrangements.  Remember, we do deliver to area cemeteries.  Our out-of-town, or elderly, or disabled customers can call us and we will take flowers to graves for them.  Thanks to the Estill County Historical and Genealogical Society, we have references that enable us to find grave locations.

It is our plan to be closed for the Memorial Day holiday on Sunday & Monday, if possible, so call us or come on over to Ravenna and pick out what you want in memory of your loved ones today through Saturday, May 28.

I’d like to add that we enjoy our out of town visitors we meet during this time of year!  We help people locate cemeteries in Estill and hear interesting stories from our visitors.  I would also like to recommend to anyone searching for a grave to go by the Estill County Historical and Genealogical Society on Broadway.  They are open on Saturday to assist you!


Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

Spring- Where did you go?

We enjoyed spring in March with the unusually warm weather, but April has not been as pleasant!  We are looking forward to our major shipment of blooming shrubs, perennials, and rose bushes the week of April 18.  The first stock of annual bedding plants will hopefully happen the last week of April, but that depends on the temperatures.  We have thousands of tomato plants happily growing in both of our greenhouses, along with some herbs and lots of geraniums.  This is the first year since we tore down the old greenhouses and built two hoop houses that we have had heat in both houses.  So, we have been able to improve our production practices.  We are soooo looking forward to this spring season!!!!!!!!!!

Spring Break Prom Special Is Now Underway!

It’s Spring Break for Estill County Schools, so this is the perfect time to get the flowers, the tux, and the garter ordered!  Parents and students both will never have this much free time again before PROM 2016 is here!!

Place your order and pay for it now through 3:00 pm on Saturday, April 8, and take advantage of a 20% discount off your total!  This is the only time this will be offered!


“Never stop learning, no matter how busy you are.”

It is easy to say “I don’t have time to go to that floral design seminar tomorrow” or “I’m so tired and I haven’t had a day off in weeks so I’m skipping the design class I signed up for.” WRONG.   We should all learn everyday to keep our brains functioning efficiently, to prevent boredom  or burnout, and just because it is fun to learn!

I “made” all my employees go with me Sunday to a prom flower learning session.  I always want to find a new way to do something I’ve done a thousand times. I get bored easy!

So , we learned all kinds of fun stuff yesterday!  We were presented with a “Prom Buffet” of flower jewelry!  Necklaces, bracelets, rings, flower halos, boutonnieres, and more!  Most all were created from colorful wires, and shiny baubles, and of course, flowers.  Tell me what you think!

12891125_1349631781729486_5835037595700319762_o 10633263_1349631715062826_6922232047093403215_o 12795113_1349631705062827_4380550120162376786_o 1460961_1349638055062192_3911427799783613992_n 12039536_1349638058395525_1895593987812745315_n 1914543_1349638031728861_4750281547549286888_n 10153255_10207065521971170_4798835039872845856_n

The Easter Bunny has been unleashed at Ravenna Florist & Greenhouse!

Spring is almost here, starting with an early Easter on the last Sunday in March.  So many things happen at this time of year, the busiest time of the year for Ravenna Florist and Greenhouse, Gifts, and Garden Center!

We took our first Estill County Prom 2016 order today, and we will be completing our inventory of bracelets, ribbons, and bling in the next week.

Easter has changed quite a bit over the years for the typical REAL florist, but we still enjoy providing decorative accessories for our customers to enjoy. Gone are the days of Easter corsages, Easter lilies, and ladies’ hats on Easter morning, but Easter still signifies that Spring has begun!!

Our greenhouse is full of baby plants and many many more plants will be arriving to fill up our GARDEN CENTER in April and May.

The second Sunday in May is Mother’s Day, the day to tell Mom how much you love and appreciate her!  We’ll be helping out with that with fresh  cut flowers, blooming plants, and gifts.

We will wrap up this crazy, busy time of year with Memorial Day, by honoring those loved ones who have passed away with permanent floral arrangements, plants, and cut flowers for the cemetery.

It is our pleasure to serve all our wonderful customers during this busiest time of the year and we look forward to it!  Spring, hurry up and get here!!!


Feb. 2016 shopping 110 Feb. 2016 shopping 080 Feb. 2016 shopping 073

We are so excited for spring, we wet our plants!

We have had a couple of setbacks to begin our spring growing season.  We transplanted our baby cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower plants, placed them in our greenhouse, and the heater quit over night, and they all froze!  So… for the last 3 or 4 weeks , we have replaced every part on that Hot Dawg and it still won’t work!  Meanwhile, our shipment of geranium and herb plugs came in and we couldn’t pot them because we had no where to put them.

It was our plan this spring to install a heater in our other greenhouse, so we purchased it and replaced the non functioning one with the new one!  The sick heater has gone to Lexington to be diagnosed on it’s mysterious condition.  Hopefully a cure can be found and it will come back to Ravenna to live in our other greenhouse!

Enough of the greenhouse drama!

Yesterday, Meranda and Dani transplanted almost of our little plants into their big pots!!  Yay!!!

If it makes you feel good to smell fresh, clean dirt when the weather is crappy like it is today, stop by for a fix at RF & G!!  Spring IS right around the corner!


And here are a few pics from 2015 to make you feel better, also:11150442_10152931073204611_3885054289969974479_n 11069428_10152931073434611_3319431859642112002_n 10425532_10152931073369611_2146318623833866264_n

Valentine’s Day 2016

20160208_1421411 Dozen Roses $56.99



Feb.6,2016 037


“Sleeping Beauty” A lush design of premium flowers: lilies, roses, larkspur, stock, spray roses, in an 8″ white “Jordan” vase. $70.00. 




“Meredith”  Three red roses, baby’s breath, & greens in a stack of hearts ceramic vase with matching ribbon.  $35  Add a mylar Valentine balloon for $3.50





Feb.6,2016 058

Three pressed glass vases in purple, red or fuchsia in a metal wire basket, filled with fuji mum, fragrant purple stock, pink spray roses and novelty greens. $35



Six red roses and novelty greens arranged in a 9 3/4″ square base metallic red vase with an open heart window. $42.00


Feb.6,2016 040


Twelve red roses in a bouquet resting on a silver wire and pearls collar dropped into an 8″ red glass vase. $60.00. Also available in copper wire.


Feb.6,2016 042


“Ariel”- One dozen rose bouquet resting on a copper wire and pearl collar, dropped in an 8″ red glass vase. $60


Feb.6,2016 049

“Princess Leia”- Six red roses arranged in a large white hydrangea with mini carnation buds, surrounded with red midolini orbs- all in a 5″ Rosy Posy vase. $45

Feb.6,2016 052

“Grace” Lilies, spray roses, stock in a 5″ Rosey Posey vase. $40 

"Don't Take The Girl" Pint red mason jar filled with daisies, alstroemeria lilies, red carnations, pink carnations, delphinium, & stock  $35

“Don’t Take The Girl”
Pint red mason jar filled with daisies, alstroemeria lilies, red carnations, pink carnations, delphinium, & stock $35

"Don't Take The Girl" Red Quart Mason Jar filled with roses , lavender daisies, blue limonium , red carnations,  white asters, and lavender stock.   $45

A returning favorite: “Always On My Mind” from 2015. $35. Red roses, lavender stock, white asters, red carnations, & daisies in a quart size red Mason Jar. $45