The first day of spring is just two weeks away!  REALLY!  Seeds are already germinating on the heat mat, baby plants are growing in the greenhouse, the geraniums have arrived and have been transplanted.  In the shop we are feasting on beautiful blue hydrangeas and gerbera daisies, and trying out new designs.  Spring wreaths are going up on the walls.  We will be ready when spring decides to take it’s turn!

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.

February is almost gone, March is nearly here.  We are all looking so forward to spring!  In the short run, it will really be nice to see the snow an ice melt away.  It would be nice to feel some warmer temperatures on our faces.  What can help you feel hopeful between now and when spring finally arrives???  Flowers!  Flowers provided to you by us, your local florist!  Flowers you did not have to plant and take care of.  Flowers you did not have to water and fertilize and keep the bugs off of.  You just tell us what you want and we’ll get them for you!  How easy is that???New Designs '15 004 New Designs '15 007New Designs '15 003

Valentines Day Selection Guide

Valentine’s Day is just a little over a week away.  It’s time to get your orders placed!  If you order a dozen roses to be delivered on Friday the 13th, we will add a 13th roses to your arrangement!  Check out our floral selections  below to choose an arrangement your sweetie will love.  Call 606-723-2175 to get your order placed.Jan.24, 2015 024 Jan 16, 2015 007 Jan 16, 2015 006 Jan 16, 2015 003 Jan 16, 2015 002 10443142_10204425376409181_4023142671827726929_o 906390_10204425377649212_3010304644552409813_o

"Love Song". Daisies, carnations, big pink Sorbonne lilies, white asters, waxflower, and a red rose fill this red glass vase, complete with a fancy satin hearts ribbon. $55

“Love Song”. Daisies, carnations, big pink Sorbonne lilies, white asters, waxflower, and a red rose fill this red glass vase, complete with a fancy satin hearts ribbon. $55

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Cash & Carry Roses $2 each—- Last chance before Valentines Day!!!!

I can’t believe it!!  We had the opportunity to buy 100 red roses this week that we can sell for $2 Cash & Carry!  This doesn’t ordinarily happen four weeks before Valentine’s Day!  You heard that right!  Valentine’s Day is four weeks away.  It’s time to dress the shop in red and pink and roll out all the hearts we can find!

We will soon reveal our featured flower arrangements for this year and our “13 Roses for the Price of 12″ Special.

And, I’m sure, I won’t be able to resist my annual “talk” about why you, the consumer, should NEVER order flowers from an online order gatherer on Valentine’s Day or ANY time!!Jan 11, 2015 010 Jan 11, 2015 001 IMAG0380

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas

And I hope you are getting some time off from work and enjoying this holiday season free from the illnesses that are making the rounds!   Dec. 28 is the peak day for Flu Season, thanks to families gathering together at Christmas and swapping germs.  I hope you escape the flu!!  I missed Christmas with my family due to my own little virus that had been working on me since Monday.  Today I felt well enough to go in to work at noon.  Thanks to Meranda for opening up and working for me today!!!  Tomorrow we will open until 1:00 pm, so come over & see if you want to take advantage of our half off on Christmas Sale!10841925_10152950521255070_7975895082008636721_o