Happy July 4th!

This is one of those weeks you either wish would last forever because you are on vacation, or a week you wish would hurry because you are looking forward to the July 4th holiday on Friday and maybe even a three day weekend!   Whichever situation applies to you, have a great holiday!

June is Perennial Gardening Month



June is the month to work on your perennial gardening.  You’ve got the annuals all planted & they are happy & blooming & minding their own business now, so you can turn your thoughts to those growing the perennials.  Perennials are so forgiving – if they aren’t happy where you first plant them, you can move them to a new spot and see if they like it better there.  If you don’t like a combination of perennials the way you have them planted, dig them up and rearrange them.  Perennials can be divided and replanted or shared with your gardening buddies.

We are expecting new perennials to arrive next week.  They will include many butterfly friendly plants.





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Mother’s Day and Prom 2014 are behind us!

IMG_4513 IMG_4507 IMG_4498 IMG_4494 IMG_4477We are trying to get ourselves back on track this week so we can take Memorial Day on next week!  Having prom on Mother’s Day saps all the strength out of us all.  We are crazy busy in the flower shop for Mother’s Day and it’s insane in our garden center and then add eighty four prom orders to all that!   But , we survived, and will live another day to bring you beautiful fresh flower arrangements and blooming plants!!

The Garden Center is Booming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



We restocked today and plants have floooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwn  out of here all afternoon!!   It’s a perfect day for plant shopping and gardening.   Today is our reward for surviving the long winter!



Garden Center blooms 048

















































Garden Center blooms 036 Garden Center blooms 037 Garden Center blooms 038 Garden Center blooms 039 Garden Center blooms 041 Garden Center blooms 045

Mother’s Day is here and ECHS gave us a prom too!

We’ve spent the last month working with a fine group of high school students and their parents, siblings, and friends designing the perfect floral arrangements to wear or carry to the Estill County High School Prom 2014.  It is so fun to follow a lot of these kids from their first prom as freshman all the way to their senior year.  I can usually pick a first time attendee or a senior out as soon as we start talking.  The freshman girls are shy and very stressed out about choosing their flowers for the first time.  Some girls are even near tears because they are so afraid of making a bad choice.  The senior girls usually come alone or with a friend-they don’t need mom to help anymore.

Today was sort of the end of the order taking(and we did write a lot of orders today), with prom being next weekend.  We will continue to take orders all week, but a lot fewer than in the previous weeks.  And while the flower choices will be limited (I had to place the flower order already) we will try to accommodate the procrastinators as best as we can.  And we will no doubt take an order or two on Saturday, just hours before the prom starts!!

At close of day next Saturday, we will pack up the leftover shiny things and blingy stuff, the corsage leaves, pins, colorful wire, bracelets, feathers, and fancy ribbons.  We will look forward to next year’s prom season and getting to meet new teens and their moms.  We will be very happy so see the teens we served this year return for another prom, or for a flower arrangement for their mom, or someday, perhaps for a wedding bouquet.   We really do like prom-even if it is on Mother’s Day weekend!!100_8201

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