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It would appear then, that this Essay has now reached a point in the development of its theme where it has been discovered that if the Society is unable to reach a consensus in a particular case when concerted action is necessary in order to preserve its chance of achieving the Objective of the Dogma, it seems to have no means or authority to impose a decision on its membership. Yet just such a power is indispensable if the Society is to have any hope of achieving its Aim.

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The reasoning deployed in this Essay is the foundation for the one provision in the Ordinances of the Society of HumanKind that confers authority on any part of its structure. Our unavoidable need to reach consensus even where irreconcilable differences within the Society persist, is the reason for the provision set out in the third Ordinance. The supreme Council of Elders is there given sole authority to approve and issue texts setting out the Duty and Responsibility of the Society and its adherents in circumstances where the proper course of action is unclear; is in dispute; or cannot otherwise be decided.

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The Society must decide what it needs to do, but can never suppress dissent within its ranks.

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