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Founded in 2005, LibriVox is an extensive library of free public domain audiobooks.

The website is a huge repository of text, audio and video files, including public domain titles. You can browse and read online over 5 million books and items from over 1,500 collections.

– This Website offers a collection of public domain and copy permitted historical texts. Topics include ancient, medieval, modern, women’s, and Islamic history among others. So whether you’re looking for ancient Greek texts or information on everyday life in 17th century France, these sourcebooks can provide a valuable and time-saving resource for history majors and enthusiasts.

And while the Foundation insists that it will to release the book, it appears that many are ignoring such threats. French Parliament member Isabelle Attard, who has been vocal in criticizing the copyfraud attempt, has in the original Dutch on her personal website. Meanwhile, the Internet Archive appears to have , though it actually appears to be a later edited version of the diaries, which is not in the public domain (though the Archive says it's relying on fair use for the posting).

The site makes free audio books from texts that entered public domain in Europe.

This is a non-definitive list of films in the public domain in the United States. A number of films exist that certain cited sources believe are in the in the . Being in the public domain refers to cinematic, dramatic, literary, musical, and artistic works that no , , or owns, and as such is common property. This list is comprehensive; the vast majority of public domain films are not included here for various reasons.

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Although we have , Hulu and all the platforms offering to stream online, watching old movies, even sometimes worldwide classics, is still not an easy exercise. Fortunately, is a giant and evolving catalog that lists thousands of films, documentaries, animations, video essays etc. that are available online to be downloaded or streamed for free as they fell into Public Domain. Pretty awesome, you said? I couldn’t agree more.

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The Public Domain Review has long been one of the best places on the internet for those who love the more curious side of history. Their accounts of madness, drugs, monsters, early medicine, and more are written by notable scholars with a gift for clear writing, and illustrated with fascinating public-domain images. They’ve recently released a , covering everything from skeletons to occult synesthesia, and it’s available for a reduced price and guaranteed Christmas delivery on orders placed before November 18. Below, the top 10 things we learned while devouring the book.

The aims to raise awareness of the public domain by promoting public domain works from across the web, including from , the , and . As well as curated collections of public domain images, texts, and films, it features longer essays from contemporary writers, scholars, and public intellectuals. The reviewed it as "magnificent ... a model of digital curation", an interview in labelled it "beautifully curated", and described it as "endlessly and deeply absorbing".

All books on this website are in public domain. You can choose from 3810 titles by 358 authors.

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In the Public Domain Project's expanding archives you will also find clips of everything, from to to , to, of course, . I imagine that some future Chris Marker could make creative use of this stuff indeed, and if they need a score, they could use a , Chopin's or maybe Alternatively, they could part out the very first documentary and use the Public Domain Project's bits and pieces of Dziga Vertov's . Whatever you want to create, the usable public domain can only grow more fruitful, so you might as well get mixing, remixing, and sharing, as Pond5 puts it, right away. Visit .

The Public Domain Review photos, essays, illustrations and video that are in the public domain. Great for history. The Best Science Books We Read in 2014

The dates books enter public domain vary between countries. Some rights depend on registrations with a country-by-country basis, but the most important factor is how many years have to pass after the death of the creator to allow the works into public domain.

Extensive collection of free audio books read by volunteers; the goal is to record every book in the public domain.

When choosing the topics for persuasive essays, you should realize that it must be something that is yet unsolved so that it will give room for enough debates and nuanced views from people. You don’t go and assert a law that is in the public domain. Your persuasive essays must give new information to the readers to show them why they should follow you. Now, when choosing persuasive essay topics for kids , you should realize that the argument you are putting up is so paramount. So you have to generate a good thesis as the center point of your argument. If you do not know how to come up with a good one, our is your best companion in this. You must do the search bearing in mind the side you will take in the essay. Now, whichever side you choose to argue on, you must be providing a solution to the problem. This is the main purpose of every persuasive essay and failure to acknowledge this means failure in the essay.

Just add imagination - public domain books are a great resource, but don't fall into any traps.

The content of these works becomes available for public use. Anyone is free to use it – but also to reuse it, for instance publish a new edition. Therefore you may find in major ebookstores (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBook Store, or Google Play Books) public domain books that are not free.