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The Yarlung Tsangpo enters India across the Sadiya frontiers in Arunachal Pradesh, where it is known as the Siang or the Dihang. In India, three major tributaries join this mighty river, which are the Dibang, the Lohit and the Subansiri; and upon entering the state of Assam, the river is known as the Brahmaputra. India is building a number of big and small dams along the course of all these tributaries of the Brahmaputra river system.

Amidst the rising concerns about China’s ability to exercise control over the headwaters of the Yarlung Tsangpo-Brahmaputra river system and other major rivers flowing from Tibet into South Asia and Southeast Asia, the interventions by India on its territory and part of the river system has not been discussed much. India has embarked on a huge dam building spree in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, where many big and small hydroelectricity projects are under various stages of planning and construction.

Finally Roosevelt created the TVA that was introduced to develop the Tennessee Valley which cut through 7 states and was poverty stricken. They built 33 dams to control flooding of the river and produce electricity. There were also measures taken to improve the quality of the soil so that it could be used for farming again and a 650 mile waterway to link the river systems. Thousands of jobs were created with the building if the dams and the TVA became the biggest producer of electricity in America meaning many industries moved into that area creating jobs for the unemployed. The dams still provide some of America with electricity today which shows they were a success.

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two decrepit dams” (Reisner, 382)

Human-rights abuses regularly accompany big dams – not just in China. In the 1980s more than 440 Guatemalans, mainly women and children, were murdered by paramilitaries because of their refusal to accept the resettlement package offered by the World Bank-funded electricity utility building the Chixoy dam.

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Today big dams are one of the key concerns of the environmentalists across the world. We can discern it from the fact that almost everywhere, there are communities or groups of activists organising against the proposed building of a dam, in their particular areas of concern. This issue is attracting polemics largely in the developing countries. In the growing international debate over the catastrophic construction of big dams, India has also been trapped. But India’s condition, in terms of water resources, is completely different from the other countries of the world as its crucial economic sector, agriculture, is largely dependent on monsoon. The need for building large dams and storage schemes is felt more acutely here.

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A rival power with an even bigger dam upstream could be disastrous for Egypt, which, in the past, has threatened to go to war if Ethiopia ever barricaded the Nile. The threat worked until 2011. Then, at the height of the chaos of the Arab Spring, when the Egyptian government was preoccupied with its own survival, Ethiopia without warning began building what is set to be the world’s eighth largest hydroelectric dam. The question then became: How would Egypt respond?

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