The Abolition of Slavery and the American Constitution Essay

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If one is in favor of democracy one should be opposed to the electoral college, which was created as THE alternative to democratic election of the president, in order to best protect the slaveholding class. This essay very nicely lays out the essential role of the Slave Power in the origins of the electoral college, but that history is even clearer when one examines how Congress, following the constitutional crisis of 1800-01, amended the Constitution with the 11th Amendment. Twice recently, in 2000 and 2016, the electoral college allowed the runner-up in the popular vote to become president over the actual winner, and it happened a few other times (1876, 1888). Black Lives Matter and yet our constitutional system today still has a major relic of the slaveholders’ constitution: the electoral college, twice recently put George W. and Donald Trump in the White House.

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Lesson 5 Essay Slavery and the Constitution From the year 1780 through approximately 1815 many people in the United States were at war. While so many

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Why The Issue of Slavery Was Avoided in the Drafting of the Constitution

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