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Pygmalion is a play by George Bernard Shaw, named after a Greek mythological figure

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... predictions in the encounter with the witches. The prophecy of the three witches, although metaphorical, was legit and became true, which in the end resulted in Macbeth alone, fighting for his life and finally beheaded by MacDuff. Very fascinating and greedy should be two of the many adjectives that qualify Macbeth the protagonist of this tragedy, however, this incredible character might be analysed in a perspective that goes beyond adjectives. At the beginning of the story, Macbeth is a brave warrior who guards the lands from the invaders, but his conduct changed as his mental estate is goaded by his wife Lady Macbeth who brainwashed him to murder people to become king. Macbeth lacks consistency in the sense that he transformed his initial principles of guardian of the lords to become their nightmare, but his ambition was always present in his mind. Macbeth, I can truthfully say, is a realistic character that goes through realistic situations, excluding the witches and the apparitions, for that there is not dues ex machine during the critical period of his battle against MacDuff. Despite all, Macbeth may be consider as an appropriate character in terms of physical actions as he is brave and strong, but in terms of personality and mental state he is weak and irrational. On the other hand, when Macbeth was king he seemed evil and became more and more merciless, which is not proper of a king. Finally, the change of fortune he experienced through his play draws the......

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Critical analysis essay of Lady Macbeth could focus on the life of Lady Macbeth, or give an analysis of her character traits portrayed in the different plays in which she casts. This critical analysis essay of Lady Macbeth writing focuses on the analysis of the traits of the character lady Macbeth to the traits she portrays. We give a very introspective analysis here. So that the writer does not just say that the character is reasonable or soothing but gives an analytical perspective of her being reasonable. In addition, in critical analysis essay of Lady Macbeth, do not just arrive at your conclusion about the character of Lady Macbeth superficially by looking at a single scene but different scenes. Analyze her aspect of being reasonable from diverging perspectives or angles by looking at her traits in different scenes with regards to her being reasonable. Justify why you think she is reasonable. Your critical analysis of Lady Macbeth must at the end of it meet the critique of how a critical analysis essay must be written. This calls for the writer to master the basic tenets of writing a critical analysis essay for him to write a good critical analysis of Lady Macbeth. By the reader reading the critical analysis essay of Lady Macbeth, he must the thoroughness and all roundedness with which the writer has analyzed the character Macbeth. A good writer for this kind of an analysis must have read different books in which lady Macbeth casts. This will give the writer a better command in writing a good critical analysis essay of Lady Macbeth.

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