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At the time of his death he was trying to complete further volumes of his Constitutional Code. He began as a Conservative and ended as a Liberal, demanding equality and social justice. Bentham provided the principle and draft legislation affecting laws and the constitutions of the United States, Canada, and other countries on five continents, by which they included such phrases as &the pursuit of happiness&. He wrote an essay entitled, Anti-Senatica -- a plea for the abolition of the U.S. Senate -- and sent it to the then current president of the United States, Andrew Jackson. (It was unpublished until 1926.) He felt deeply about human suffering and need, traveled far (although he later became somewhat of a recluse), read widely, and enjoyed the friendship of able men of all classes. He helped to found University College, London, and left his body to its department of medicine where his skeleton, neatly dressed in his own suit, can still be found sitting upright. He followed in the steps of Socrates who was committed to dialogue, not confrontation, and to human need beyond the nation/state of the city of Athens, and in the steps of David Hume who saw himself as a citizen of the world with his friend, Adam Smith, the moral philosopher who created an economic theory not for the wealth of his own country but for the wealth of nations all nations and all the people of all the nations: no child anywhere to be left behind. Because Benthams writings emphasised the pursuit of happiness and freedom (though based on world responsibility) they became popular in the new republics of America and France. Over the years he carried on correspondence with many leading figures in Europe and America - indeed throughout five continents who were interested in his advice on a Code for their laws.

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Reviewed by Jeremy Bendik‐Keymer, "James Rachels, The Legacy of Socrates: Essays in Moral Philosophy," Ethics 117, no. 4 (July 2007): 780-784.

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