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This paper explores a report by the NIOSH on the death of one of the fire fighters in my department, and gives recommendations to improve safety in the department. To achieve this, the paper presents the Illinois incident as the case study, based on the report, released by NIOSH, in relation to the death of two fire fighters and injuries to nineteen other fire fighters in the city. The paper is built around several parts: the first part presents the case; the second part outlines some of the effects of this incident on the fire service department; the third part explores some of factors the report revealed as contributing to the incident; the fourth part discusses significant aspects of fire fighting such as standard operating procedures (SOPs) and the incident command system (ICS), highlighting their significance in fire fighting; the fifth part outlines changes made in the department after the incident, and cited recommendations to improve fire fighting services. It then culminates with a conclusion, bringing together the central points in this thesis.

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The recommendations discussed above are significant not only to this particular fire service business, but also to every individual who wishes to reduce the number of fire-related deaths or trauma. Take for instance the wearing of protective clothing on the fire site. The marking of abandoned structures plays an integral part in ensuring the safety of the fire fighter. The marked buildings or structure sensitizes the crew to the potential dangers associated with the building. Normally, this is possible by the use of placards or posters at the entrance, or any other opening, to warn the crew. Moreover, to ensure the efficient functioning of the incident command system, there must be regular communication between the Incident Commander and the fire fighters. This is to provide adequate information concerning the fire site, to the Incident Commander for proper coordination. Nevertheless, this can only be possible if proper communicative mechanisms are taken into consideration, such as the use of portable radios that are clear and free from any mechanical defect. This paper also takes into consideration the health of the fire fighters, more specifically, cardiac-related disease. This includes also the significance of the physical fitness of the fire fighters, an initiative that addresses the health of an individual in the workplace (Kuchel, 2007, p. 4).

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