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and with examples of what is respect for others and what is respect for self.

Read through the two essays that follow- and -and note what thoughts, images, and experiences they bring to mind. then looks at aspects of respect relevant to each age group, from infants to elders. The information and practical suggestions offered here will help you focus on the elements of respect that are most appropriate for your family. The section provides curricula for scheduled times together as a family or with an intergenerational group in your congregation. lists books and websites, keyed to different ages, which will take your family's exploration of respect even deeper. At the end of the booklet, you will find the and the . The concluding paragraphs offer additional information about the series.

Jenny is often not showed respect in the movie. One example was when it was implied that her father abused her when she was a child. Another example is when one of her boyfriends in the movie hit her and talked rude to her and another example is when she did not show respect for herself when she took drugs and worked as stripper (Zemeckis, 1994).

The amount of respect that a person gives their peers could shape the life and self-respect of another human being. I would define respecting your peers as treating them with equality. Children are so pressured these days to live up to a certain stereotype. The one’s that do not fit into a social class in or outside of school are considered outcast’s. Children are often very cruel in the way that they disrespect their peers. Was the masacre at Columbine High School a result of the way that Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris were being treated by their peers or was it something more psychological? I think that in a way it was both. The disrespect that they were given day in and day out could have lead to psychological problems. We are told by God to “Love One Another” and respecting our peers is the beginning of social equality and love.

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The life-ring which finally drew me out was tossed by a Benedictine monk named Brother David Stendal-Rast. I had met him at a seminar he gave on the subject of gratitude. Afterwards, I volunteered to drive him home, for the covert purpose of getting to know him better. (This may be called “opportunistic volunteerism.”) On the way to his monastery, although secretly sick of it, I bragged a bit about my oral self-discipline, hoping to impress the monk. I thought that he would respect me for never filling my stomach more than by half, and so on. David’s actions over the subsequent days were a marvelous example of teaching through action.

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Respect and Antioppression. On our Unitarian Universalist "journey toward wholeness," we have set ourselves on a path to become an antiracist, antioppressive, multicultural faith community. This means that no matter what our own "color," ethnicity, or other social identity, we believe that we are "whole"-that we maintain our integrity-when we live and act in ways that help to racism (the privileging of one group of people over others on the basis of skin color) and oppression (the creation of disadvantages for groups based on age, race, ability, income, sexual orientation, gender identity, and more). In our families, this means paying attention to the ways in which prejudice and unfair advantage or disadvantage have an impact on our lives. It means noticing and protesting when people are treated unfairly. It means finding ways to work with others-in our congregation, in our neighborhoods, in our town or region-to create a more just society. From working on issues of accessibility in our churches, to joining in neighborhood cleanups, to writing letters to government representatives on the causes we care about, working for justice is a family project that, at its heart, is all about respect for self and for others.

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I was starting to feel irresponsible, like the only way I could keep doing this was to forget about all the people my one-size-fits-all platitudes couldn’t help. But with coachology comes great responsibility. Responsibility to offer advice you know works, preferably advice you’ve put to the test yourself. Responsibility to rise above bullshit artistry. Responsibility to not try to solve people’s problems you are in no way equipped to fix.

Respect and Boundaries. Limits are as important as openness in relationships based on respect. Self-respect includes setting boundaries around how we want to be treated. What do we need in order to feel that our body, our belongings, and our selves are respected? Respect for others means that we notice and respect their boundaries, too. Such respect is based on the recognition of the other's -her or his wholeness as a separate person. Any form of physical, verbal, or emotional abuse is thus an ultimate expression of disrespect. Similarly, when we feel we need to "fix" something about another person, we are also disrespecting and disempowering him or her.

Jenny Risher. The best way to teach respect is to essay on self respect for kids show respect. On Self-Respect: Joan Didion’s 1961 Essay from the Pages of Vogue

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Thus, self respecting people do not need the crutches others to walk with. Without self respect, one loses ones own identity, like trying to cross a border with borrowed credentials. Such people has low self-esteem, and lack confidence in their abilities. They are also respected by their fellow workers, relatives and friends. They are parasites, whose dependence on others, does not let them succeed in Self respect can be developed by thinking positively about oneself am by not trying to seek the approval of others in whatever we do.

Finally, he wanted them to dress well and have self-respect for themselves. Thus, one of his chief aims was to bring about a revolution in the way of life of the untouchables and in their aspirations for themselves and for their children.'”Self-respect is probably the most important value for a person. It is said that in order to earn the respect of others, a person needs to learn to treat oneself with respect. I think that self-respect has a lot to do with one’s self-esteem. Self-esteem is an opinion of one’s own worth. For example, a girl that sleeps around will probably earn the reputation of a slut or a tramp. In reality, she is coping with the stresses of a low self-esteem.In spite of the above arguments, I support the view that homework is important in educating our children. For example, by teaching students to complete their assignment on schedule, they can develop a sense of responsibility and self discipline. In addition, some kinds of challenging questions in the homework can simulate children to think and become more intelligent. Another benefit is that homework provides a way for teachers to understand what kind of difficulties the students are having so that they can revise the syllabus and be more focus on those problematic area during their teaching.But I think a certain amount of homework is necessary. First, students are busy with listening and making notes on classroom, they rarely have time to think deeply and independently. By doing homework, students could absorb more knowledge and develop self-study habit. On the other hand, I don’t support too much homework. School education is only part of children’s life. They have to learn from people as well as society. Teamwork spirits and respect for others can’t be got from books, they are more important than specific knowledge in future work.