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stop the wild olympics, agenda 21, land grabs; will devastate rural communities

Special Olympics Connecticut is proud that Jessica is on their team, and as you read her winning essay, you will understand why she is one of their heroes!

It is true that the Olympics Games have become bloated and commercial, shot through with politics and riddled with corruption. They have become vanity projects for administrators and politicians. I wish the Games were smaller, simpler, cheaper. I wish we could be rid of the mad circus that is the International Olympics Committee. Yet, for all that, I cannot hide my pleasure at London hosting the Games or my excitement at the prospect of taking my seat in the Olympic Stadium. For us punters the Games are both much less and much more than they are for the administrators and the politicians, for the supporters and the critics. The Games are about human prowess and endurance and dedication and brilliance. They are about ten-second operas and two-hour dramas. Most of all they are about what one might call the Bob Beamon moment – that moment in which a sportsman or woman transcends the mere present and transforms our assumptions of what it is humanly possible to do, as Bob Beamon did with his astonishing long jump at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics. Beamon leapt 8.9m, beating the previous world record by 55cm and setting a standard that would not be bettered for 23 years. Nadia Comaneci’s string of perfect 10s in Montreal in 1976. Michael Johnson splattering the 200m world record in Atlanta, 1996. Haile Gebrselassie’s 10,000m victory in Sidney in 2000, in which he ran the final 200m in an eye-watering 25.4 seconds. Michael Phelp’s haul of eight golds in the pool in Beijing. Usain Bolt’s awesome, outrageous, nonchalant shattering of the field in his 100m victory in Beijing 2008. Of these moments are formed the real legacy of the Olympic Games.

As Chinese female track cyclists Gong Jinjie and Zhong Tianshi ducked their heads and sprinted to their history-making gold medal in the Olympic Velodrome in Rio de Janeiro, the faces of Peking Opera characters painted on their helmets also came into the spotlight for millions of spectators and viewers. ">

Proclamation 5683 -- International Special Olympics Week and Day, 1987July 20, 1987By the President of the United Statesof AmericaA...

The XXVII Sydney Olympics 2000-rated as the “Best Olympics ever” by IOC President, Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch-can claim many distinctive features. The 14-storied Stadium Australia, the main Olympic Stadium and the largest outdoor venue in Olympic history (which hosted both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies) accommodating 1, 10,000 spectators was the main attraction. The Olympic village, a model environment-friendly residential site which housed over 10,300 athletes and over 5000 officials, was the first and the largest solar-powered housing complex where all the participants were accommodated in one Olympic village for the first time in the history of the Games.

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“She also saw that many children with intellectual disabilities didn’t even have a place to play. She decided to take action,” according to the Special Olympics website. “Soon, her vision began to take shape, as she held a summer day camp for young people with intellectual disabilities in her own back yard. The goal was to learn what these children could do in sports and other activities– and not dwell on what they could not do.”

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The Text Book is “A Sequence for Academic Writing” 4th Edition by
Laurence Behrens and Leonard J. Rosen. I can type out the steps for you so if you don’t find the reference anywhere.
1. Consider your purpose in writing.
2. Select and carefully read your sources.
3. Take notes on your reading.
4. Formulate a thesis
5. Decide how you will use your sorce material.
6. Develop an organizational plan.
7. Draft the topic sentesces for the main sections.
8. Write the first draft.
9. Document your sources.
10. revise your synthesis.
so I believe these are just steps on how to write the paper, not something I will need for the final draft. Also I am
not sure if the subject of the paper shold be The History of Special Olympics.

1-8 April 1989The Fourth International Special Olympics Winter Games are held in Reno, Nevada, and Lake Tahoe, California. More than 1,000...

not sure if the subject of the paper shold be The History of Special Olympics. Are you looking for a similar paper or any other quality academic essay?

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13-15 August 1970The Second International Special Olympics Summer Games take place in Chicago, Illinois, with 2,000 athletes from all 50 U.S....

I am doing community service for the local Special Olympics program where I live, and I was wondering if this will be to common and not an unique essay.

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Special Olympics Essay. Describe major legal concerns of the organization and recommend how they should be addressed. Legal concerns of the Special Olympics …

Special Olympics Format: Introduce the issue Place the issue in perspective by describing relevant and pertinent research. Include a complete citation of all your references in APA style (at least 5). Organize your project with each of the heading and subheadings listed below. Introduction to Topic social issues related to topic educational importance Research historical trends/ information related to the topic current trends /information what does the literature say related to your topic Ethical Dilemmas surrounding topic Conduct research to determine what the ethical issues are related to your topic Assistive Technology and your topic Determine what the learning difficulties are research to find out what assistive technology recommendation are being made Conclusion/Suggestions Reference used to support your topic Ru Essay writing Help