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There is a quote that states "nobody ever bought anything from a clown." This statement is not completely true in my opinion. What this statement means is that no one will buy merchandise from a person who is not strictly business-like in their advertising. The reason that this statement does not seem accurate is as Freberg says, "people will do anything for a laugh" (Seehafer 197). When a viewer sits down and watches something and it makes them laugh then it will grasp their attention and they will learn more of the product being endorsed and will be more likely to be interested in the item being sold. If a person sees something that makes them depressed the first reaction they have is to avoid watching it, and in turn will turn it off, and if they do not see it they do not buy it. Two out of three people will buy well known brand items due to television ads (Internet TV Commercials 1). The well known items are usually advertised more often than the generic products because bigger companies have more money to spend on promoting their products. As a result, more people see the ads for the more well known merchandise and become familiar with the product and have a tendency to buy it. If a person sees an item more than another, then, their instincts drive them to buy the more endorsed product. While humor is an effective method to use in producing a commercial, the producers need to know when and how to use it. Freberg believes that there are great dangers in being off-base in creating humorous ads (Seehafer 198). For example, one does not want to use humor in trying to bring across a serious point. By knowing the best possible methods of making a television commercial producers can maximize the chances of their product being sold.

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One of the most frequently used ways of creating a television commercial is using sexuality to appeal to men or women. Petty, shallow people sometimes see these ads and believe that if they buy that product then they will look like the model promoting the merchandise. A good example of this is commercials promoting cosmetics such as shampoo, make-up, hairspray and deodorant. The most pointless is of course the deodorant commercials. One that comes to mind is the one where the announcer asks the most beautiful woman in the world "what is the most important thing she puts on." Of course in the commercial it shows fancy lingerie, seductive dresses, and most importantly lots of skin. The woman answers, "its my deodorant." Now that is real sexy. Do people actually think that if they use that brand of deodorant that they will turn into a gorgeous person? Even though the use of a beautiful woman has nothing to do with using the deodorant the commercial is successful in getting its point across. The use of sex appeal undeniably makes watching commercials more enjoyable, and by seeing these types of commercials the observer stays content with the advertisement. The work put into one of these pointless commercials is remarkable, but a person who would go out and buy this product is clearly ignorant.

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Company made another ad for the pain-z-gone which showed the same mother and her child at the park. A friend happened to get a Kleen-A-Kut and the mother was about to use it but the child stops her and says he rather wants a Pain-Z-Gone so he will have to endure the pain as long as the pain-z-gone isn’t here because it is the best pain relief product he trusts. Here, your analysis in your advertisements essay would be to discuss the the pain-z-gone company is trying to make another product look bad while showing the superiority of their product. Obviously, there is not valid proof of this, so they claimed that pediatricians recommend this product. So what happened is reality was, they sent their employee to a convention of the pediatricians where they offered free samples of their product. They pointed out the ingredients to the doctor and ask if they will recommend this to their patients. Doctors took the samples and wrote on the card which said yes they will recommend it to their patients. The matter of the fact is the pediatricians didn’t actually say that the product is better than any other product but the advertisement didn’t point out that.

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The largest money-making industry in the United States today is advertising. During events such as the Super Bowl, companies pay large sums of money in return for thirty seconds of air time. Advertising is the act of promoting a product by informing the public of the products worth. Whether it be television, radio, or newspapers, companies must find a distinct name and phrase that one can associate with their product; nonetheless, people often take offense to these names and phrases. People claim that often times these product names promote racial stereotypes and racial disunity. While some people may take offense to the name of the product as well as the way companies go about selling their product, the First Amendment undermines these offenses by allowing all Americans to have the right to freedom of expression. Companies do not, however, have the right to choose any name or phrase for their product. Various government agencies set strict limits on what can and what cann!