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Beyond his music, the revolution of Prince — for a generation of kids who grew up at the height of divorces and with the birth of personal technology that allowed us to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world — personified the identity of self-determination, self-discovery, freedom of expression, and the ability to create and identify one's self that many of our parents did not have. Through his life, he encouraged each one of us to push the status quo, to "create our own universe."

April 21, 2016, is a historic day and a sad one too, but we must work hard to resist the urge to walk around with a depressing Purple Rain cloud suspended over our heads. Instead, we should celebrate the life and talent of a legend.

So, what I have here—what it all comes down to, finally—is a nasty-looking carving knife with a broken wooden handle and an even nastier cleaver blade with chunks out of the edge, like something taken from the evidence room; a gimme cap with the Prince and a burger on it; a rubber stamp with the company name and address; and a stationary cast-iron bottle opener (very possibly from when I was a kid—I found a book on these that dates this one from 1943 to 1975). And, from the carhop station, right there by the door to the parking lot where they, the carhops, beautiful women all, such angels, would be waiting to come out to us, a little dime-store mirror with a perfect lipstick kiss at the lower left.

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From these principles we may learn what judgment we ought to form of those numberless bars, obstructions, and imposts, which all nations of , and none more than , have put upon trade; from an exorbitant desire of amassing money, which never will heap up beyond its level, while it circulates; or from an ill-grounded apprehension of losing their specie, which never will sink below it. Could any thing scatter our riches, it would be such impolitic contrivances. But this general ill effect, however, results from them, that they deprive neighbouring nations of that free communication and exchange which the Author of the world has intended, by giving them soils, climates, and geniuses, so different from each other.

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We observed in Essay III. that money, when encreasing, gives encouragement to industry, during the interval between the encrease of money and rise of the prices. A good effect of this nature may follow too from paper-credit; but it is dangerous to precipitate matters, at the risk of losing all by the failing of that credit, as must happen upon any violent shock in public affairs.

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The account given by of the treasure of the , is so prodigious, that one cannot admit of it; and so much the less, because the historian says, that the other successors of were also frugal, and had many of them treasures not much inferior. For this saving humour of the neighbouring princes must necessarily have checked the frugality of the monarchs, according to the foregoing theory. The sum he mentions is 740,000 talents, or 191,166,666 pounds 13 shillings and 4 pence, according to Dr. ’s computation. And yet says, that he extracted his account from the public records; and he was himself a native of .

more than 10,000 talents, which they afterwards dissipated to their own ruin, in rash and imprudent enterprizes. But when this money was set a running, and began to communicate with the surrounding fluid; what was the consequence? Did it remain in the state? No. For we find, by the memorable census mentioned by and , that, in about fifty years afterwards, the whole value of the republic, comprehending lands, houses, commodities, slaves, and money, was less than 6000 talents.

Just like drug addicts say they spend their whole lives trying to recapture that first high, my Prince obsession is similar.

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The Little Prince essaysFinding what you truly desire is so hard to come by The perfect pair of shoes, the top that fits you perfectly, and the job that will make you

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By the time I took my first kid’s mug of root beer in the fifties, though, the futuristic moment there within the white-fenced precinct had deteriorated, complicated by doubt and practicality—an odd wood-frame extension off the back to make this zigzag-entranced rest­room; picket fencing for the outside storage areas; a plywood, shingle-roofed enclosure for the carhops. All preserved beneath innumerable layers of palliative, almost bandagelike white paint. It covered all the cracks and splinterings and uncertainties. The spallings of the stucco, the mistakes and imperfections. And suggested it was all okay. The whole discordant thing. With red-and-white-striped carnival awnings over the parking. And out front, so peculiar against the modernistic entrance, this huge neon and incandescent sign, medieval-themed, like heraldry—your battlements, your pseudo-gothic font, your pennant dangling from a shield, and there atop it all, transcending inconsistency, the golden-pageboyed Prince himself, his mighty lance in one hand, giant burger in the other. There was nothing more to say. You had it all. The past and future intermingled, reconciled, and averaged into a sort of calm, a sort of neither-here-nor-thereness, a release from the rush, the thoroughfare of Laundromats and liquor stores that Lemmon Avenue had become by the fifties. You pulled off into an accidental eddy in the current and, weather permitting, parked beneath the luffing awning, flashed your lights, and here they came: the lovely ladies. Older, younger, lipsticked smiles as they approached (I like to imagine in slow motion) across the asphalt to receive into the little pale green book of sales receipts one’s application for a burger and a root beer. Well, we’ll have to see. You never know. Can something good emerge from the confusion of the world? But, sure enough, it always did. Like grace out of that sweet ambivalence. And all the sweeter for it.

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The famously unhappy experiences of other female royals have also changed things. Princess Diana was seen as overly stifled and unprepared when she married Charles, and Crown Princess Masako of Japan partially because she had to abandon a job in the diplomatic service for palace life.