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The issue of Iraq’s possession of WMD, which had dragged on since the first Gulf War all the way through the 1990s, took on new significance in the post 9/11 security environment. Rather than being a problem of merely containing Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s WMD manufacturing capability now more than ever represented an existential threat to the US, and it led the invasion in order to remove this manufacturing base so it could not be used to arm terrorist groups, particularly al-Qaeda.

Once Iraq was a flourishing democracy prosperous from massive oil revenues which would pay for reconstruction, it would become an example which other states, or at least their populations, would emulate. Hostile regimes in the region would find it harder and harder to paint the US in a negative light and to control and oppress their citizens. One regime after another would be toppled, supplanted by friendly governments representing grateful populations which would end in a stable, peaceful, and secure Middle East, constituting victory in the war on terror, safeguarding the United States, improving Israel’s security, and ensuring uninterrupted global access to oil reserves.

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Iraq War Persuasive Essay. school February 24, 2014 Result of Iraq War In March 20, 2003, the Iraq War was an invasion force led by the United States.

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The Middle East region has and still continues to experience a substantial share of turmoil based on religious, ethnic, economic or a combination of these issues. The gulf region, which is a significant part of this region, is of paramount economic significance to the world due to its richness in oil. Iraq, a major power in this region, has been a part of the focus with regards not only to its richness in oil, but also the possession of weapons of mass destruction and probable terrorist activities, which has led to its invasion by other world super-powers. This paper aims at discussing the war in Iraq instigated by the US with focus on the gains and pains that they (US), Iraqis and the Gulf Region as a whole, have experienced.

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The US incited Kurds and Shiites, who made an attempt to force Saddam Hussein out of the power, but were defeated and, consequently, killed by thousands due to the lack of weapons. The US would later launch “Operation Provide Comfort I and II”, which were able to provide a security, food and shelter to the displaced Kurds north of Iraq. A failed CIA-backed coup in 1992 was closely followed by “Operation South Watch”, in which a no fly zone was imposed in the southern Iraq region. In 1993, there was an attempt to assassinate the then US president George Bush, which would later be countered by missile attacks on the capital city of Baghdad, where many civilians were killed. There was a continued funding of terror groups by the US, an example being the INA, which launched attacks in 1994 in Baghdad and also killed many civilians in the process. Attempts by the UN in 1995 to assist Iraq with an oil-for-food humanitarian program was nullified by the US and UK governments; this then ensured that Iraq would not benefit at all from their rich oil source. The US backed INA would in the same year divide and start fighting each other. A botched CIA-backed coup in 1996 would then see the INA continue its terror activities even on fellow US backed factions. In 1998, an agreement between the UN and Iraq for the weapon inspection fell on deaf ears as the US and the UK worked to ensure only war would be the solution. There was a continued deployment of troops funding of coups and eventually, by the end of that year, a massive bombing operation was launched against Iraq without the UN authorization. These attacks would continue well into the year 2000, hitting on public places, residential areas, soldiers and civilians alike. In the year 2003, the US and the UK were now open in their desire to invade Iraq and forced the UN to approve their attack or risk being discredited. The UN could not be able to officially allow the invasion of Iraq, because they lacked enough evidence to make a case that international laws would not be against.