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The analogies above are not arguments. But analogies are often used in arguments. To argue by analogy is to argue that because two things are similar, what is true of one is also true of the other. Such arguments are called "analogical arguments" or "arguments by analogy". Here are some examples :

One of the greatest inventions of the human mind is development of languages. The complexity of a language and its power of conveying ideas lucidly, is testimony to the power of the human mind. Every idea or concept, abstract thought, or physical object has a name. Language is a tool for analyzing and understanding concepts. One such powerful tool of cognition, often used to explain the meaning of a concept is an 'analogy'. As Malone has said in the quote above, an analogy can be worth a thousand words. This article explains the meaning of an analogy and makes the idea more clear through some well-chosen examples. We will also explore what exactly is about an analogy that makes it so effective in clarifying concepts.

There has been much literature on analogies in concept development (Brown& Clement, 1989; Grandgenett & Thompson, 1991; Gentner, 1983; Gick& Holyoak, 1980; Sternberg, 1977). Most all writing seems tofocus on discovering or developing the best possible analogy for a givencomparison. A good analogy seems to accurately or completely representcritical relationships and concepts while less important attributes areconsidered irrelevant. Most such literature typically falls shortof providing practical information for the average classroom teacher onhow to actually use analogies as an instructional tool.

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It makes sense that students could benefit from complete and accuratemental models. Some analogies have been reported as highly representativeof relationships found in their target domain (Curtis, 1988; Halpern, 1987). While there are a few computing analogies commonly accepted, others mightbe considered extreme, dissimilar or even useless (Figure 1.). Itseems appropriate to prefer a perfect analogy, a mental model which perfectlyrepresents the target concept. It has been assumed that a reallygood analogy would better serve conceptualization.

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Teaching analogies and learning analogies can make both students and teachers apprehensive, although quality are available online to facilitate the process including many analogies examples, excellent printable analogies worksheets, thorough lists of analogies and even analogies lesson plans.

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Different types of analogies are introduced at different levels, so that analogies might be sort of funny analogies, while analogies might focus more on analogical reasoning. Similarly, education analogies for high school delve deeply into analogical problem solving.

An analogy is an important tool in problem solving and reasoning. In science, it helps in constructing rough theoretical models, which are not exact, but help in visualizing problems and solving them. An example is Neils Bohr's planetary model of an atom's electronic levels. It drew an analogy between the solar system model and the electrons revolving around the nucleus of an atom. It was not an exactly analogous model, but proved helpful.

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As the editors of HuffPost Teen, we can't sing the praises of awesome teen writers enough. We've read enough teen-written work to know that high school students are some of the most insightful, creative, smart, and in some cases, hilarious writers out there. The creativity of aspiring writers can sometimes go in some pretty funny directions, and none are more humorous than these, um, unusual analogies written by high school students. We were highly amused when we stumbled upon this collection of analogies attributed to being the 56 winning entries in a 1999 for the "Worst Analogies Ever Written In A High School Essay." They've recently been circulating on the Internet again, and we couldn't help but share our favorites with you.

Analogies are used to help people understand a concept by giving a comparison of the concept that they would understand. For example if you had to describe

Kids learn best by examples through things that they can relate to easily. Analogies for kids compare and liken things for them to understand easily. This is in language or description of parts of the body and objects. This is in language development, to help them figure out how things relate to each other. They […]

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Analogies have been shown to be effective tools in teaching educationalcomputing (Galloway, 1992, a.). However, it was also shown that analogiesmust be fully developed with an examination of the similarities as wellas differences and limitations of the analogy in order to expect positiveresults. Not all analogies are equally representative in their comparisonsand some may initially seem quite poor - but is this relevant for the classroomteacher? While it seems obvious that a good analogy would be preferredover poor, is it really necessary to use only the best analogies in helpingstudents improve their conceptual understanding?

Analogy examples in this category help audiences compare two objects that are not alike. Come find helpful examples of analogies here.

Analogy isn't a single form of writing. Rather, it's a tool for thinking about a subject, as these brief examples demonstrate: