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Let’s take a look at this year’s 2016 HBS MBA essay which was announced on the HBS  Blog:

The HBS MBA Admissions team has gone back to an open-ended essay question, altering from last year’s specific context of a classroom environment where you have to introduce yourself to the case study group of 90 classmates. The essay is still an introduction about yourself. The goal of the essay is to find your authentic voice that summarizes the true ‘you,’ your values, what matters to you – beyond the causes and extra-curricular. The Admission team wants to know in your own words – “What drives you.”

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The are up on the Harvard Business School admissions website. The HBS recommendation questions comprise of identifying information about the recommender, a brief explanation of the recommender’s relationship with the applicant, and a question about how many HBS MBA applicants the recommender is supporting this year, followed by a grid on which the recommender is asked to rate the applicant on a series of skills and qualities.

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There are certainly many options beyond these broad categories, and many applicants should avail themselves of them. However, before you embark on your writing, invest heavily (and skeptically) in asking yourself whether the topic you’ve chosen advances a new line in the story of how you will add value to the HBS case discussion and to the community as a whole. At the very least, don’t write an essay that demonstrates you’ll detract value from the classroom by, for instance, building a laundry list of your accomplishments and appearing arrogant or unfocused.

My best HBS client results were the best ever for the Class of 2016. I had six clients admitted from five different counties. Their backgrounds and essays varied greatly. In fact, one one of them actually contributed his or her essay to , which made me really happy. I can’t tell you which one. I do highly recommend reading this book because it will give you a really good idea about the range of possible answers and dispel any myths about needing to submit something that is professionally written. I would also recommend that contained HBS admits essays. That collection is still a good read for understanding how to put together an MBA essay though the specific questions are no longer being asked by HBS. Combined, both books are really great guides for someone looking to see sample successful MBA essays. Beyond those essay books, a piece of absolutely required reading for HBS admissions is . If you are looking for one article to give you overall insight into how HBS makes admissions decisions, John Byrne has done an exceptional job of asking Dee Leopold the right questions. I will quote from that interview below.

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Yes, the HBS MBA admissions essay is ‘optional’, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less critical to your application. This is your opportunity to tell your story in your own words and define your application in your own terms.

The 2017-2018 HBS MBA recommendation questions are up on the Harvard Business School admissions website. The HBS recommendation questions comprise

This is your chance to introduce yourself to the HBS MBA admissions board, and, to borrow a phrase from HBS’ main competitor (guess who?), tell them what matters most to you.

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The resume has always been an important part of any HBS application. You can find a resume template I have linked to on my blog . That resume template can also simply serve as a checklist for what to include. While many schools prefer a one-page resume, HBS really does not care. Depending on a client’s background, I will recommend 1 or 2 pages. I think it best to think of a resume as a record of accomplishment. If you have sufficient accomplishments, 2 pages is fine. Some applicants try to a use an MBA student’s recruitment resume format as the basis for their own resume, but I generally don’t consider this a good idea as such resumes serve a very different purpose. An MBA resume should really designed to focus on you overall, that is your academic, professional, and personal accomplishments and key facts. A recruiting resume is meant for a different kind of audience, recruiters, and typically focuses on a much more narrow range of information.

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BusinessWeek recently conducted an online chat with Deirdre Leopold, HBS Director of MBA Admissions (aka “the one who’s going to decide if you’re in or not”). They also posted .