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Shortly after the Time cover story, Monsanto and other biotechnology companies launched a $50 million marketing campaign, including $32 million in TV and print advertising. The ads, complete with soft focus fields and smiling children, said that “biotech foods could help end world hunger.”

The philosopher wrote that feeding the hungry when you have resources to do so is the most obvious of all human . She says that as far back as , many believed that people had to show they had helped the hungry in order to justify themselves in the afterlife. Weil writes that is commonly held to be first of all, "...a transition to a state of human society in which people will not suffer from hunger." Social historian wrote that before markets became the world's dominant form of economic organization in the 19th century, most human societies would either starve all together or not at all, because communities would invariably share their food.

Walkers from scores of churches and other faith groups participate in the Annual Quad-City Crop Walk to help end world hunger.

Both the groups (overweight as well as hunger) people suffer from nutrient malnutrition including vitamin, Mineral & protein deficiency. Majority of the government worldwide are feeling this double burden of mal-nutrition. Governments worldwide need to undertake programs to provide the nutritional support among the poor. Timely nutritional support to mother and small children will not only break the malnutrition cycle but help the countries to save a lot on public health expenditures. Availability of affordable nutrient rich food is the prime need to fight the obesity & hunger at the same time.

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Every person feel the same pain of hunger but children are worst affected. They grow to be dieses prone and Malnutrition. It is been estimated that about 25% of the world population gets only one time of food. When body does not get the required nutrients it slows the process of growth and the growth of child is not adequate. Their immune system, which is the basic fighting block in their body cannot fight against the pathogens and alien micro organism. Gravity of situation can only be estimated by the fact that in these undeveloped nation 10% of children are not able to see their 6th summer. The effect of malnutrition in adult is seen as slow death by various diseases.

This essay will look at the causes ..

Institutional investors have poured hundreds of billions of dollars into the commodities futures markets, driving up food and energy prices to historic levels. Even though prices have dropped in recent weeks, regulatory loopholes still remain ready to introduce extreme market volatility, political instability, and much human suffering. To lower international food prices and protect our social interests, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission must use its authority to curb excessive speculation in commodities futures and r e-establish strict position limits on speculators (which were successful until removed by the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000). We must r egulate and bring transparency to all trading. We can also removing damaging speculative influence on commodities prices by prohibiting participation in commodities markets by those who do not produce, manufacture, or take physical delivery of the commodities. We must create a solidarity economy that puts compassion and care for one another ahead of short-term profits, in the United States and around the world.

World Hunger Education & Advocacy emphasizes their goal of getting people all the information they need and empowering them to instill change in their communities and globally in the fight against poverty.

Walkers cross Brady Street along Second Street in the Annual Quad-City Crop Walk to help end world hunger.

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We live in a world where so many have no clue about the people in need of food. I feel like so many don’t show their loving sides to those who need our help. Of course, there are a good bit of people out there who show their kindness to those in need. Just think about everyone who is worrying about when they will get their next meal. The problem that is occurring right now needs to be revealed to the world. Everyone needs to know what is happening right in front of them. This can no longer be hidden from the clueless, the facts need to be shown. There are many programs that are currently helping to alleviate the world hunger problems. But, we can't forget that the term “world” includes developed countries as well. A lot of people think that people out side of developed countries need all of the help. This is not true, developed countries need just as much help. There are about 19 million people in developed countries alone. Of course, this number doesn’t even compare to the 925 million total that are hungry, but it's still quite a large number.

Want to end world hunger? We can. There are ways & solutions to stop poverty & make food crisis a thing of the past. You can help. Support WHES & end hunger

A walker in the Annual Quad-City Crop Walk to help end world hunger wears a shirt with "God's Work. Our Hands." along with his end hunger sticker.

For every correct answer you choose, 10 grains of rice are raised to help end world hunger through the World Food Programme.

"2012 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics by World Hunger Education Service." 2012 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics by World Hunger Education Service. N.p., n.d. Web. 15 Apr. 2013.

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A walker in the Annual Quad-City Crop Walk to help end world hunger wears a shirt with "God's Work. Our Hands." along with his end hunger sticker.