The Kite Runner (10th Anniversary)

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The Kite Runner is my favourite book of all time. This book put me on a rollercoaster of emotions and I'm not afraid to admit that I wept a lot while reading this.

For boys in Kabul, winter is the best time of year. The schools close for the icy season, and boys spend this time flying kites. takes and to buy kites from an old blind man who makes the best in the city. The highlight of the winter is the annual kite-fighting tournament, when boys battle kites by covering the strings in broken glass. When a string is cut, the losing kite flies loose, and boys called kite runners chase the kite across the city until it falls. The last fallen kite of the tournament is a trophy of honor. Hassan is the best kite runner in Kabul, and seems to know exactly where a kite will land before it comes down.

At the beginning of the book, Hassan is Amir’s kite runner. They are very close friends and actually half-brothers, though neither is aware of that fact. Then Amir sees Hassan being raped by Assef and does nothing about it. This incident slowly drives a wedge between Hassan and Amir. Amir is forever haunted by the memory. Then he is contacted by his old mentor, Rahim Khan, that there is an opportunity for redemption. When he arrives back in Afghanistan, he is told that Hassan had a son who was sent to live in an orphanage when Hassan and Farzana are both dead. Amir visits the orphanage only to learn that Sohrab has been taken already. He tracks down the man who has Sohrab and discovers that it is actually Assef. In many ways, it is like his past has come back full force. Assef has repeatedly raped and abused Sohrab. He has also allowed others to do the same. Amir gains custody of Sohrab after allowing Assef to beat him. He eventually returns to America with Sohrab, who is damaged in many ways. Toward the end of the book, Amir becomes Sohrab’s kite runner. The relationship has come full circle. However, does Amir ever truly redeem himself from saying nothing when Hassan is raped? Describe how things would have been different if Amir had spoken up, even if it was afterward to an adult.

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Amir can intervene. But he makes no cry to save his friend. The reasons are complex and deep, but not as deep as his traitorous silence. The Kite Runner has two recurring themes. First, there is the deep devotion that Hassan over and over again expresses to his friend Amir, captured in his memorable words as he runs off to bring home the trophy kite. In the face of such ardent devotion, Amir’s betrayal is of the worst kind and, even in his new life in America, he suffers remorse and inescapable guilt over the next two decades.

The Theme of Friendship in "The Kite Runner"

The next week, I went to class, but I didn't see Ali. When I asked the guys about him, they replied that because his father hadn't citizenship card and passport, he was arrested, and all of them have deported to Afghanistan. I was agitated that I couldn't continue reading Kite Runner never. Even I felt so depressed and sad when I saw the book in bookstores. Until this spring, after three years, I got a message in WhatsApp messenger from Ali, that congratulated teachers day to me. He was written that he married to a girl who was in love with her and they have a two months old girl baby. He was written he is working at a bookstore in Kabul and he has read almost thousand books in three years. He was written they have the 4G Internet in Kabul and I replied him, it's supposed to we have 4G in Tehran as well, soon! When I received the message, I could reread the Kite Runner. It was a great book, especially for me, recall nostalgia of tired immigrants and unfavorable circumstances.

The Theme of Friendship in "The Kite Runner"

Now, The Kite Runner has many powerful themes, and itmight be difficult to choose among them. For instance, there areimportant ideas about fathers and sons, about friendship, aboutclass differences, and about redemption. Let's take the themeof redemption and look at a possible thesis statement.

orphaned children of Afghanistan, and Hassan, all broken by the war. In the end, does Amir ever redeem himself? The Kite Runner is a very strongly written piece of work. It's first strongest aspect is the immediacy. Every dramatic event is described with eloquent imagery. You felt as if it was all real and you were witnessing it right before your own eyes. The Kite Runner's second strongest aspect is it's symbolism. The slingshot, symbolizing Hassan, saved Amir oh so many times…

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As a teacher of ELLs, I especially enjoyed this movie version of the great book. Both movie and novel were great additions to my classroom collection. SparkNotes The Kite Runner Study Guide has everything you need to. Runner is a great movie aswell as the novel. Even though the movie has a lot of subtitles i still enjoyed it.

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The story of a kite runner named Hassan is set against the backdrop of Afghanistan’s turbulent history. The narrator and main character is not Hassan, but Amir, a privileged Pashtun boy living in Kabul. It is a mesmerizing tale of the bonds of friendship and blood strained by cultural traditions, history and, above all, individual actions. Suited for young adults, "The Kite Runner" movie and book has scenes that may be disturbing, especially to children.

A summary of Chapters 6–7 in Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of The Kite Runner and what it means.

The Kite Runner is a novel written by Khaled Hosseini. The story takes place in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the US from around 1975 till present day. The Kite Runner is a strong and compelling novel that is about Amir and his childhood. He tells us about his childhood in Afghanistan and the many sins that he commits against his half-brother, Hassan who happens to be a Hazara boy, where Amir is a Pashtun. Throughout Hassan’s childhood, he has been the victim of discrimination and Amir, being too

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