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Men have less rights and are treated in a more discriminatory manner then women.

Joseph not only paid his addresses to the young and unmarried women, but he sought 'spiritual alliance' with many married ladies… He taught them that all former marriages were null and void, and that they were at perfect liberty to make another choice of a husband. The marriage covenants were not binding, because they were ratified only by Gentile laws…. consequently all the women were free….

Its funny when people say men and women are different they all talk about external things, and if you define who you are by external things then you havent done much work in unlearning the things you learned or in other words addressing all the disfunctional ways we have been conditioned which keeps us that much further from the truth of anything we might want to understand, We are all the same we all want to know what it is to Love and be loved and we are all looking for it in the wrong places, If we actually take the time to understand what Love truly is then we will have greater insight into ourselves and how we are the same. Whether you can do the same job or not is not what makes us the same or different, thats just shallow thinking and something i would not really call it thinking because there is no depth and very little reflection.
If you look in depth you will see that we are all the same and what appears to be diffences is the result of not seeing oneself an other or the situation with greater depth, either you want to understand whats up or you just want to keep perpetuating this mindless aproach to life that most people settle for. We should want to understand ourselves better then any psychologist , sociologist, philosopher or spiritual teacher. how interesting it is to observe and particate in the process of evolution.
Ones true identity is to be found in unconditional Love where one is selfless and free from the disunity that comes from getting lost in the illusions that duality presents and the ego feeds off of. Unconditional Love and selflessness is where ones true identity is to be found, You then have an experience of self that has nothing to do with gender and the essence of all things begin to reveal themselves to you and life which you are a manifestation of reveals a depth to itself that is worth opening ones eyes to.

I almost got into your little story until i realised that I in no way act like that with my wife and yet we still have problems. And another thing you gave a pretty poor example on The Man being so dominent over the poor woman when really it can go both ways.
and instead of this whole god like person called g-d or whatever peolple, Not men or women need to work together to overcome because men are both brutes and gentlemen, just like women are both harlots and ladies. It just comes down to who we choose to be. So stop pretending every man is some brute and every women is some goddess when really we are just human.

this essay really helped me in my project and i am agree with u that womens r playing important role in society THANKU

Delivered: True Stories of Men and Women Who Turned from Porn to Purity edited by Matt Fradd, foreword by Jason Evert (San Diego: Catholic Answers Press, 2013). A compilation of real-life, first-person narratives about the corrosive effects of pornography on both men and women, as well as the possibility of gaining deliverance from pornography use and addiction. Print, e-book, and bulk purchases available at .

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Men are socially conditioned in a different way to women, and as such both genders have adopted different roles, with this being an ongoing notion in society for a number of years. In the socialisation process, which begins at birth, children are introduced to certain roles that are stereotypically associated with their biological sex. These gender roles refer to society’s view of how men and women are expected to behave in society, based on outdated, sexist attitudes that has led to norms and standards being set out by society and preserved over time. Male roles in society are typically associated with aggression, dominance and authority, whereas the role of a female traditionally involves nurturing, passivity, inferiority and subordination by men, although these views are perceived as sexist and politically incorrect in society today.

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When writing an essay on women discrimination, writers should look at the history. Their argument should be based on verifiable statistics. The information should be discussed in the concept of social economic consequences. Discrimination against women is one of the major societal problems over time now. It has brought major impact learning, domestic life, and community institutions as well. This challenge has been an issue globally. There has been a perception that women belong to certain professions for example; in nursing, teaching, and secretarial work.

Such experiences make working-class women distrust men in general. They still have babies with men, but they seldom marry them. A whopping 50% of births to American women without college degrees are non-marital, but only 6% of births to college graduates are. Similar trends can be seen in Europe. In Britain 90% of professional couples wait until they are married before having kids, compared with only half of those who earn the minimum wage. Looking at eight European countries, Brienna Perelli-Harris of the University of Southampton and others found that the less educated a mother is, the more likely she is to have a baby outside marriage.

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"Men and women need to find ways to deal with chronic stress. This is not what the body has evolved for, and it can increase a person's risk of everything from to to impaired wound healing," Sapolsky tells WebMD.

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This difference is in part because unskilled men have less to offer than once they did. In America pay for men with only a high school diploma fell 21% in real terms between 1979 and 2013; for those who dropped out of high school it fell by a staggering 34%. Women did better. Female high-school graduates gained 3%; high-school dropouts lost 12%.

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Wise counsel indeed – wiser in the pro-Trump, pro-Le Pen, pro-Erdoğan, pro-Putin, pro-populist demagoguery world. Here is a great book that invites reading not from cover to cover necessarily; you might just as well start in the middle and go backwards, leap forwards, read some sections once, others a couple of times, not only to “look at a woman writer looking at men looking at women”, but also to look within, deep inside the recesses of our minds, so as to recognise the fascinating complexity but also the heartbreaking fragility of human existence.

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In 1970 there was not much difference between the happiness of better-off families and that of the less-well-off: 73% of educated white Americans and 67% of working-class whites said their marriages were “very happy”, observes Charles Murray, a conservative writer. Among the professional class, marital satisfaction dipped sharply in the 1980s, suggesting that for a while men and women struggled with the new rules. But it has since recovered to roughly the level it was in 1970. By contrast, the share of working-class whites who say their marriages are very happy has fallen to barely 50%, despite the fact that fewer of them are getting hitched in the first place. In Britain, too, more-educated couples are more likely to say their relationship is “extremely happy”.