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Meanwhile, California is set to raise its minimum from $10.50 now to $15 by 2023. San Diego’s head start, which places many of its employers at a temporary disadvantage, makes the city a test bed for competing theories about whether the overall economy is harmed or helped by large increases to wage floors.

The fact that Galen Weston Jr. can sit on his family’s billions and decry the prospect of paying a not-even-living wage is all the more reason to consider asking the Westons of the nation to contribute their fair share. Social programs alleviate the need to raise the minimum wage, after all: The more people’s needs are provided for by the government, the less they need to take home in cash pay to survive. And those cost money.

When Economics 101 tells you something you don’t want to hear, the thing to do is to commission a study. As Ronald Coase observed: If you torture the data enough, it will confess to almost anything. For progressives desiring to raise the minimum wage in spite of the consequences predicted by basic economics, that study came from two Princeton economists, , who in 1994 compared employment at fast-food restaurants in New Jersey to that of their counterparts across the river in Pennsylvania after New Jersey enacted a relatively modest increase in the minimum wage. The Card-Krueger study found that raising the minimum wage had not cost jobs in New Jersey. There were : It used fast-food employment as a proxy for minimum wage even though most fast-food workers do not make the minimum wage; it ignored workers in other industries, such as hospitality, that might have been more strongly affected; it covered a relatively short period of time; it relied on telephone surveys of restaurant managers rather than on hard employment data.

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With locations outside of San Diego, he’s been spared the 15 percent minimum wage increase absorbed this year by competitors across Poway’s southern border. But California has raised its minimum from $8 to $10.50 since 2014, and regulatory burdens have increased steadily.

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Minimum Wages Essay It is easy to be confused about what effects minimum wages have on jobs for low skilled workers. Searchers offer conflicting evidence on whether or not raising the.

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The earliest studies of the employment effects of minimum wages used only national variation in the U.S. minimum wage. They found elasticities between −0.1 and −0.3 for teens ages 16–19, and between −0.1 and −0.2 for young adults ages 16–24. An elasticity of −0.1 for teens, for example, means that a 10% increase in the wage floor reduces teen employment by 1%. Newer research used data from an increasing number of states raising their minimum wages above the federal minimum. The across-state variation allowed comparisons of changes in youth employment between states that did and did not raise their minimum wage. This made it easier to distinguish the effects of minimum wages from those of business cycle and other influences on aggregate low-skill employment. An extensive survey by Neumark and Wascher (2007) concluded that nearly two-thirds of the more than 100 newer minimum wage studies, and 85% of the most convincing ones, found consistent evidence of job loss effects on low-skilled workers.

California is set to raise its minimum from $10.50 now to $15 by 2023. San Diego’s head start, makes the city a test bed for competing theories about whether the overall economy is harmed or helped by large increases to wage floors.

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A summary of the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage, the differences between federal and state rates, and initiatives to increase the minimum wage.

Those against raising the minimum wage often argue that it will hurt young people the most and that they need the experience of working at the minimum wage. T. minimum wages essay

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Even in individual states the minimum wage debate is a major conflict. For example, in California the minimum wage is affecting American families individually. Especially families on welfare, there was a study that stated that "Mothers on welfare in states that raised their minimum wage remained on welfare 44 percent longer than mothers on welfare in states where it was not raised" (Garfield) .This shows that a higher minimum wage is making life more difficult for the people living in poverty. It would not be fair to increase the minimum wage just to circulate more money within the country and make millions of people suffer when they really do not have to when we can just decrease the minimum wage and wait for the economy to recover. Another example of how the minimum wage is affecting people is the Circuit City situation. The store retailer made a "cost-saving move: swapping expensive labor with lower-paid workers" (Pearson, pg. 9). This shows that many stores are going bankrupt because of the economy and resorted to firing high paid employees and having to deal with less experienced employees. To the owner of Circuit City, they believed that they would be able to survive if they made cuts and make up for them later but even this huge cut could not save them. As a result of firing so many highly paid employees, "Circuit City then hired about 2,100 lower paid hourly workers to replace Mr. Wood and the others" (Pearson).

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Research indicates that economics is a subject that touches on everybody’s life directly or indirectly. However, few people can tell what the term economics means. There is not a short sentence that wholly tells of what economics entails. The definition of this field has varied from a generation to another based on the introduction of new concepts linked to economics as well as innovative technologies. The definitions to this subject are numerous and may vary based on a given field to another (Wessels 10). This document will critically address minimum wages, its pros and cons as well as a comparison of minimum wage in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.