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Reading Harry Potter: Critical Essays (Contributions to the Study of Popular Culture) by David G

Well I read this in my Harry Potter class. I liked some essays better than others (obviously), but all the essays certainly brought up many points that spring-boarded into our discussions. Recommended for anyone who loves Harry, or professors considering teaching HP in class (please do, the level of discussion and response in our class is like nothing I've ever seen before).

I read this while researching Harry Potter and Christianity for a paper. Excellent compendium of essays about the first few Harry Potter books. Essays have various topics and include an analysis of Wizarding Law, a study of child development and Harry Potter, and the significance of Hogwarts students being divided into houses. They make some interesting (and occasionally accurate) predictions for the later novels. This is an incredibly nerdy read but I really enjoyed it.

On a less intense scale, other relationships have been doted upon in the fandom from suggestive hints or explicit statements throughout canon, such as those between Draco Malfoy and , parents and , and , or and , or Rose Granger-Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy. A potential relationship between and was originally dispelled by Rowling, though she later retracted this and said she noticed a slight attraction between them in . Some couples, besides Harry and Ginny and Ron and Hermione, have been explicitly stated in the series: and are married in after dating throughout . In , keeps her feelings for to herself, but remains depressed when he refuses her advances; he feels that his being a werewolf would not create a safe relationship. Tonks professes her love for him at the end of the book, and she and Lupin have been married by the beginning of and have a son 'Teddy' later in the book. Other couples, such as Harry and Draco or Lupin and , are favorites among fans who read fan fiction about them. There is also debate about Lily and Severus vs. James.

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Harry Potter had magic in it, but its success was in drawing out the magic people already had inside. Their belief that adventure was somewhere to be had, their ideas of the importance of life.

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Apart from the facts that the “Harry Potter” series has reached more people than any other book series in history and inspired an entire generation to read, Adam Grant, a professor of management at Wharton and author of “Originals,” tells Business Insider that J.K. Rowling is perhaps the most influential person alive because of what her books teach kids: originality and morality.

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Actress Emma Watson and Hermione Granger, the "Harry Potter" character she played for a decade, have at least one thing in common: they both love to read.

Get this from a library! Reading Harry Potter: critical essays. [Giselle Liza Anatol; J. K. Rowling achieved astounding commercial success with her series of.

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Available in: Hardcover. Reading Harry Potter Again: New Critical Essays extends the discussion of the Harry Potter books by covering the

Reading Harry Potter: Critical Essays. Reading Harry Potter adds to the growing analyses of the series by offering essays about In her essay on the latter.

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