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Search over 10, 000 FREE Essays! Leadership in Remember the Titans. The film Remember the Titans depicts the effects of one the major court ruling in.

“Remember the Titans” is a dramatic movie about how two coaches that are two different races, African American and Caucasian, changes the way people view the other race, based on true events and was directed by Boaz Yakin. One of the major themes of the movie is leadership. Leadership can be defined as an act that one can develop by having the ability to lead other towards an ambition. One may say that leadership is a skill that an individual can have. The way to become a leader or to have the skill of leadership is when an individual is an inspiration and a guide to a group of individuals or a person that motivate them to accomplish a goal or goals and must have three characteristics which are fearless, reliable, and focus. In the movie, “Remember the Titans”, a viewer would say that out of the three main characters, Herman Boone, an African American, Gary Bertier, a Caucasian, or, Julius Campbell, an African American, Herman Boone showed the greatest amount of leadership by leading T.C. Williams’ high school football team called, The Titans, to become a team together since the desegregation of Alexandria, Virgina of African Americans and Caucasians, and by leading them to forget their differences as a different race, and being a leader for all the African Americans in Alexandria, Virgina.

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I had to choose a historical figure from a movie and write about their leadership and what type of leadership they have and why I admire and it is something to strive for. I choose Coach Boone from Remember the Titans. His persistance in the face of adversity is truly amazing and his dedication to braking down racial walls and bringing a team together not only for a successful football season but to give each boy a lesson and a chance to learn that race does not matter.

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An essay or paper on Remember the Titans. Remember the Titans: Managing Behavior Both Coach Boone and Coach Yost use the path-goal model of leadership…

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In the montage of footage during their mid-season winning streak a quote on locker room mirror flashes briefly on the screen which reads: "reflection is the better part of a champion." Adaptive change can call authority figures to be role models and in some part victims of positive adaptive change. It is in this context where we can look to emulate leaders. Let us not forget the distinction between a leader, an authority figure and a manager. Leaders call us to do what is right for the right reasons. In doing this, the integrity of the process is as important as the outcome. Authority figures and managers however, aren't necessarily as concerned with the process as the product. Remember the Titans offered many opportunities to examine various leadership styles. It was also an opportunity to take a look at the different ways authorities interact with one another, as well as other leaders. The movie is a reminder that adaptive work is a slow and tedious process. Every step forward in the process is small, while any setback may be huge. With this in mind, we must not become victims of our experiences and of our lives. We must stop reacting to situations and begin to look at why we are conditioned to respond the ways that we do to different stimuli. Many of my struggles with this class have centered around my desire to inspire adaptive change within others. I now see that I alone can do little to help this process. Adaptive change is the result of partnerships and collaboration between leaders and followers. Each plays an integral role in the process. The eventual success of the T.C. Williams High School Football Team was the product of the hard work and dedication of the coaches, players, players families, teachers and Arlington community. Without even one of these components, the process couldn't have happened. When facing adaptive challenges now, we can look to the Titans spirit for inspiration to reflect the integrity, strength and courage they demonstrated.