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16th edition of the World Sanskrit Conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand in 2015 where a strong Indian contingent of 250 Sanskrit scholars was led by Minister of External Affairs, Sushma Swaraj who was also the Chief Guest. She gave a speech entirely in Sanskrit to 600 delegates from 60 countries and stressed the need for more functional research in Sanskrit so as to better apply it in the modern world.
The 17th conference will be held at Vancouver, Canada in 2018 and the 18th will be held at Canberra, Australia in 2021.
Papers presented at the world Sanskrit conferences cover diverse themes such as Veda, Epics, Puranas, Agamas and Tantras, Vyakarana, Linguistics, Poetry, Drama and Aesthetics, Scientific Literature, Buddhist Studies, Jain Studies, Philosophy, History and Epigraphy, Law and Society, and Art and Archaeology thus dispelling the notion that Sanskrit texts are merely liturgical in nature. Nowadays people dismiss Sanskrit as only a ceremonial language, or refer to it as the language of elites in ancient Indian subcontinent used in mostly Brahmanical rites and rituals.

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In , only 14,135 people selected Sanskrit (one of the 22 official languages as recognised by the 8th Schedule to the Constitution) as their first (primary) language, i.e. less than 0.01% Indian population. The decline is often cited, incorrectly perhaps, as a failure of Sanskrit to find a place in the contemporary world. Although, successive Indian governments have made stop-start approaches to promote Sanskrit, the issue somehow always regresses into a political one and dies out amidst controversy. However, several volunteer organisations such as Samskrita Bharati, individuals, and universities in many nations are trying to research, digitize, or preserve the language. In India (and some cases in Nepal and Indonesia), Sanskrit phrases are widely used as mottoes for various national, educational and social organizations including branches of military and Supreme Court of India.
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Skilled craftsmen, traders, scholars, poets, writers and warriors traveling to far away lands in search of personal fortunes, recognition or royal favors was not entirely unknown in the ancient world. We cannot say that this might have happened in every area or in case of every language. But it might be true in some cases, like the south eastern movement of the language to Iran, India and Chinese Tukistan. This broad based approach would also help us to address satisfactorily some of the problems we encounter to explain the chronology and antiquity of some of the oldest languages like Sanskrit.