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There are many benefits of year-round school that affect the surrounding community as well as those involved with the school. The American Association of School Administrators (1973) asserts that year-round schools are beneficial to the community because they raise public awareness of the value of education. Some supporters of year-round school also argue that the growing number of children with nothing to do in the summer months is a huge problem, and that year-round school could reduce vandalism and other juvenile problems with the law (Ballinger, 1988).

Contrary to many beliefs there are many benefits associated with year-round schools for teachers. Improved pay and better work schedule are two of the most important. Year-round schools can meet the interests of teachers who want extra days and extra pay and also meet the wishes of those who want to keep their vacation days intact (Stenvall, 2000). Many teachers believe that the quality of instruction in year-round schools is better than that of traditional programs due to the continuity of instruction (Quinlan, George, & Emmett, 1987). Some teachers in the year-round school system also believe that it has a positive impact on the way they think about and plan for instruction because of the organization of the instructional time (Shields & Oberg, 2000). Because of the regular intervals throughout the academic year, teachers find it more efficient and productive to plan curriculum for shorter amounts of time (Shields & Oberg, 2000). It was reported that the absences of teachers in year-round schools were considerably less than those of other school schedules (Quinlan, George, & Emmett, 1987). Teachers also have the choice to enjoy vacations in different seasons throughout the year (AASA, 1973).

There are numerous parental benefits but for almost every benefit listed there is a counter disadvantage. Advocates of year-round schools state that year-round schools solve the problem of looking for long term childcare over the summer. Along with teachers being able to take vacations in different times throughout the year, students and therefore families, have also gained that choice through year-round school (The Washington Post, 2001).

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Stenvall, M. (2000). A checklist for success: A guide to implementing year-round schools. San Diego, CA: National Association for Year-Round Education.

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Read, Robert W., Jr. (1992). Year-round schools in Texas: A survey of the attitudes and values of selected elementary school teachers of the Northside Independent School District. Unpublished.

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Although there are many studies that include beneficial aspects, there are just as many that include the negative aspects of year-round schools not only on students, but teachers, communities, parents and financial aspects. In Woodward’s literature review (1995) she ends with the statement “Findings pertaining to the success of year-round school schedules are at this point inconclusive.” Although the purpose of this research paper was to compare the effectiveness of traditional-calendar schools to those of year-round schools with respect with overall achievement in students, I have found that at this point in time there is not enough information and reports produced to conclude with the success of one or the other. It is clear that there are many different perspectives on year-round education and there may not be one simple solution but rather just considering what type of school calendar is best for each individual child

Although there are many benefits to year-round school programs such as budgetary, population, and academic problems, there also many things to consider that are not beneficial. Some of the disadvantages include off season vacations which could often cause problems, student’s summer activities, such as camps, may have to be given up, teachers may have problems with continuing their education and family traditions could be disrupted, especially in cases where siblings are attending schools with different calendars. Also, many parents find it hard to find three week childcare providers

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A lot of families only take vacations in the summer, because parents don’t want to pull their kids out of school. In year-round school, you have four great opportunities to take vacations (Shields 1996). You get to take a more variety of vacations, because not every vacation can be about going to the beach or a theme park. Some of the best vacations are seasonal. You can’t exactly go snow skiing in the middle of the summer. Having different times to take vacations is also good for your parents. Everybody takes vacations in the summer, so it is sometimes hard to get off of work. If you took a vacation in an “off time”, there would be a better chance that your parents would be able to get off of work.

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Year-round schools are definitely a good thing. They promote learning, make it easier for students to “bear with school”, vacations are more enjoyable, and most of all, vacations are more frequent. Can you really ask for anything more?

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Year round schools as cited by the thesaurus in the ebsco host states that year round schools are “schools that operate year-round but have not increased the number of days students must attend.” Education week on the web states that year round education is “A modified school calendar that offers short breaks throughout the year, rather than the traditional summer vacation. The calendars vary as do the reasons for switching to a year-round schedule. Some schools stagger the schedules to relieve crowding. Others think the three-month break allows students to forget much of the material covered in the previous year” (2002).