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Shirley Valentine Movie was filmed in Agios Ioannis Beach

She doesn't understand that Shirley does not need her to have a good time. An example of this is when Costas turns up at Shirley's room to take her out on his boat. Jane's reply to Shirley is: (E.g. Shirley - what are you playing at?) When Shirley arrives in Greece she it mesmerised by the sheer beauty of the island. She falls in love with everything, the sound of the crashing waves, the hum of the birds and the change in culture, but she also feels regretful. She feels regretful al of her life she'd known there was something more, something more beautiful, peaceful, fun and exciting and all this time she's been stuck in England wasting away. She feels like it is too late for her to be happy, as though she has led such a little and pointless life as though she got given all this life and it's just gone unused. She knew inside her that there was more. She desperately wanted to get out of being Shirley Bradshaw, but couldn't. She wanted to be Shirley Valentine and now, when she finally got to where she could be Shirley Valentine it was all going to be snatched away when she returned home. Her two weeks of happiness would just disappear. I think that this is what persuaded her to stay. She realised that in Greece she could be her self, not the middle-aged housewife, or the friend that will do whatever you tell them to do, but the REAL Shirley Valentine!

Willy Russell’s Shirley Valentine is a play about growth, about dreams and the inner strength it takes to go after them. Shirley Bradshaw`s transformation to Shirley Valentine not only shows the tremendous amount of personal growth she goes through from many examples from the play but in contrast to her younger self it gives insight into how maybe all along it`s in the person to begin with. With dynamic characters, satire and insights that reflect not only on the storyline but to the decisions someone might make in their own life, Shirley Valentine is both a play with powerful messages as well as applications.

Shirley Valentine in Greece starts to get back to her old self, she tastes the freedom and she knows she can regain her old self again. At the end of the play, Shirley has changed her view of life and she has altered her mood to be a more positive and relaxed person. The audience have now witnessed Shirley Valentine's character development throughout the whole play with the aid of dramatic devices used by Willy Russell. Shirley Valentine at the end of the play has built up confidence and the ability to stand up for herself, for example when Joe travels all the way to Greece to collect Shirley Valentine, even though he absolutely detests traveling. This goes to show that after Joe has contemplated about Shirley Valentine and himself, he arrives at the conclusion that he was in the wrong. Joe goes to meet her, to try and bring her back home. But this time they talk in a civilised manner, and Joe treats Shirley Valentine with respect, "Would you like to join me for a drink?" (pg.89) says Shirley, "Er... thanks," (pg.89) replies Joe. So the couple have come to respect each other in the end. In this play there is a big change in Shirley's character. She is not the tedious housewife who had no life. She is now Shirley Valentine. 'I used to be a mother. I used to be a wife. But now I'm Shirley Valentine again' (pg.89). Shirley herself knows she has changed and she is happy with who is she is now and would not consider changing. Rizwan Chaudhry 10R

This is where the famous 80’s English film “Shirley Valentine” was shot.

Since its London and Broadway stage debut, playwright Willy Russell's Shirley Valentine has proven an excellent showcase for any number of talented actresses (Loretta Swit won the 1989 Sarah Siddons Award for her work in the Chicago production). In the film version of Shirley Valentine, Pauline Collins re-creates the role that had previously brought her theatrical fame and a Tony Award. Spending the bulk of the film speaking directly to the audience, the titular Shirley (Collins), a middle-aged Liverpool housewife, reveals her innermost thoughts and fears in a manner that is both insouciant and poignant. Once an incorrigible anti-establishment rebel, Shirley now chafes under the plodding insensitivity of her husband, Joe (Bernard Hill). Her life enters a new and exciting phase when, after her best friend, Jane (Alison Steadman), wins an all-expenses-paid vacation to Greece, Shirley is given the opportunity to travel to faraway places without her husband. Shirley Valentine represents the second felicitous collaboration between playwright Willy Russell and director Lewis Gilbert; the first was Educating Rita (1983).

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risqué images were changed or censoredcompletely. The strongest word used within the play is probably'bloody' which Geoffrey says a lot and even this, is a bit 'close tothe bone'. Whereas when Shirley Valentine was written there was notsuch a strong censorship law. In Shirley Valentine there is a lot ofrisqué language and many sexual innuendoes. The dialogue is a alsovery brief, there is no need for such long and perfectly formedsentences…

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For the first time the audience witnesses Shirley embracing adventure and most importantly making decisions for herself and with the confidence to do so; perhaps the most contrasting characteristic of her former persona. Whereas before she literally ate the same things on a weekly rotation, she tries octopus with Joe no longer there to stifle new things. Not only does she stand up for her opinions and defends the Greeks when British tourist start putting them down but for her dreams as well telling Joe: “what I want is to stay here and be Shirley Valentine”.

Throughout the course of the play Willy Russell constantly uses flashbacks that provide the audience with a deeper understanding of Shirley, both through revealing her thoughts and the events that helped shape her. The glimpse into her past reveals a dramatically different character then the tepid one presented. It shows a much more assertive, confident and daring individual then the present Shirley Valentine who reveals in the past: “I became a rebel. I used to wear my school skirt so high you would have thought it was a serviette.

Character study of Shirley Valentine At the opening of the play we see Shirley Bradshaw, ..

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Having cast Michael Caine in "Alfie" some years earlier, director Lewis Gilbert reunited with him for the equally splendid "Educating Rita". Caine plays drunken, burned-out literature teacher Frank Bryant. Frank seems just about at the end of his rope when he meets hairdresser Rita (Julie Walters), who wants to continue her education. In the process, they both learn some things from each other.

This may sound like a cliché, but it's not here. They never let the movie turn into a sugary mess; they keep it strong from beginning to end. Michael Caine reaffirmed himself as possibly the Union Jack's most dependable actor of the post-war period, and Julie Walters jump-started a formidable career that would include "Billy Elliot" and the "Harry Potter" movies. Lewis Gilbert went on to direct "Shirley Valentine", another movie that everyone should see.

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Suggesting the play is based on a sad story. As the play begins the first exterior shot is Shirley Valentine struggling to walk down the street loaded down with bags of shopping on a small narrow street with many identical houses conveying the dullness of her life. The first interior shot is Shirley closing doors which shows she is

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It is because of this when she received her awful report and found out that she had failed all of her subjects, she just tore the report into pieces and replied with the disrespectful yet witty comment 'Well, tickle my tits till Friday!' (pg.28). By Shirley replying this way it shows us her insouciant attitude, as well as her intelligence as she is able to resort with sarcastic humour. As an adult she shows only small amounts of assertiveness she expressed as a teenager. Willy Russell uses voiceover to tell us of what she really is contemplating and not what comes out of her mouth. "I'm not sayin' she's a bragger- but if you've been to paradise, she's got a season ticket." and "if you've got a headache... she's got a brain tumour." (pg.3) I think Willy Russell uses voiceovers to represent that Shirley Valentine has still got a little teenage rebel personality in her. But she doesn't express her felling publicly like she used too, she keeps to herself because she lacks self confidence. Encounters with minor characters establish Shirley's character and reveals changes she has gone through. In this play many minor characters are used to build Shirley's character. Characters such as Millandra show that Shirley is a typical stereotyped house. 'Mother, do us a favour and bring up the telly upstairs for us, will you' (pg 43). But when she is Greece we see elements of the rebel she was in high school.