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This is just a barebones overview of the main injustices that colored Leonard’s trial. The United States of America did not fail Leonard Peltier beginning with his unfair trial in 1976. His entire life story was shaped by the treacherous treatment of indigenous people in this country at the hands of the U.S. government. He was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota, in 1944, the child of Anishinabe and Lakota parents, with roots in the powerful Sioux nation that once dominated the Great Plains.

There followed the greatest "manhunt" in FBI history. While no determinationhas ever been made as to the circumstances of Stuntz's death--or any of the other AIM casualtiesof this period--the Bureau quickly decided that the killers of its agents were likely four Indianmen: Jimmy Eagle (the individual supposedly sought in the boot caper), Bob Robideau, DinoButler, and Leonard Peltier, all of whom walked cross-country and escaped the massivedragnet--including helicopters and armored personnel carriers--the feds threw across thereservation immediately after the firefight.

Seeger, who at 93 will be the oldest activist to perform at the Bring Leonard Peltier Home 2012 Concert, says he considered writing the President, the First Lady and their daughters to appeal for Peltier's clemency.

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What also greatly alarms me, though, is the implication for the future of the nation, the precedent that is set by this story. Leonard Peltier was denied by our government the fundamental constitutional rights guaranteed to every citizen. When an agency of the government takes the law into its own hands, and abuses and misuses its powers, an inevitable erosion of public trust ensues. When the government sets aside the Constitution, there is no foundation, there is no democracy, there are no freedoms. When no one speaks up, every citizen is in grave peril, every single one of us is impacted.

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There is no question that two young special agents were murdered...and that is very sad and unfortunate. There is no question either that 60+ Lakota people, including women and children, were murdered...and that is also very sad and equally unfortunate. There is a long trail of ruthlessness and blood winding through this nasty story. Many families still anguish and suffer over the violent deaths of loved ones in 1972-75. I have researched the story extensively. There is not much doubt in my mind that Leonard Peltier was vengefully railroaded, his trial not even remotely fair.

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I am a New Hampshire citizen, born and raised here. I come from a large, ordinary middle class family; none of us has ever been in prison, thank God. My Dad, who died this summer, was twice wounded at the Battle of the Bulge. My brother captained river boats in Viet Nam. We are hardworking people; we lead quiet lives; we care about our nation. We are all very concerned about the story I am alluding to above, that of U.S. prisoner, Leonard Peltier--the one Amnesty International calls a political prisoner of the U.S. government.

Attacking the messenger with fabrications and disinformation is a hallmark of Pelterite's efforts to rewrite history, but their biggest failing, by accusing anyone else of Cointelpro practices, is that they have completely lost focus that Cointelpro was a COVERT program. Yet, obvious to almost everyone, (including Leonard Peltier who has been receiving NPPA updates and Blogs in the mail for many years), is that the No Parole Peltier Association's efforts, since its inception, April 30, 2000, have been OVERT.

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I hereby request that you, each of you, contact the president about Mr. Peltier's clemency petition which is now under consideration. Not to speak up about this matter is complicity in a whole collection of horrible crimes--crimes and cover-up at the highest levels of government. Time is of the essence. The time for decency is long over; this man should be immediately freed and returned to his people. Please urge President Clinton to release Leonard Peltier.

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The Office of the Pardon Attorney has announced President Obama has denied clemency to imprisoned Native American activist Leonard Peltier. Peltier is a former member of the American Indian Movement who was convicted of killing two FBI agents during a shootout on South Dakotas Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in 1975. He has long maintained his innocence.

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After spending most of his life behind bars, Leonard Peltier has become a symbol of Native Americans who have been mistreated and deprived of their rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. Even if he did murder the two FBI agents on the Pine Ridge Reservation, Peltier still should be seriously considered for parole. Yet with the continued release of paperwork proving his innocence, executive clemency would probably be the best alternative at this point. While it is certain that someone should pay the price for the violent deaths of Coler and Williams, the FBI’s falsification of evidence and the prosecution’s lack of conviction should allow him his freedom. Presented with all information about Peltier’s connection to the incident, would the jury that found him guilty remain resolute or change the judgment to not guilty? Only the next parole hearing will tell.

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The issue of a presidential pardon has been discussed among the LPDC and supporters of Peltier. Throughout the 1990s, Amnesty International continually called for President Clinton to give immediate Executive Clemency to Leonard Peltier. The petition was still pending before the President as he left office in 2001. “Amnesty International had sent the parole board a copy of its 1995 communication to the Attorney General, in which the organization reiterated its concern that Leonard Peltier may have been denied a fair trial on political grounds and sought a review of the case.” (Amnesty)