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At the very start of Sybil Exposed Debbie Nathan claims - without any source - that both the popular book Sybil and the televised drama - 'were instrumental in creating a new psychiatric diagnosis: multiple personality disorder, or 'MPD' - but the DSM-III does not list the book or any paper based on the real-life Sybil in its references, but it does list Sybil's psychiatrist, Dr C.B. Wilbur, as author of a multiple personality case study (of someone with 4 personalities) from a year before the book Sybil was published - "The objective study of a multiple personality" by Ludwig, Brandsma, Wilbur and Bendeldt (1972). In fact, contrary to Debbie Nathan's claim, 'multiple personality' was already in the DSM psychiatric manual, it was described within 'hysterical neurosis dissociative type' (code 300.14), as 'multiple personality type'; alongside 'amnesia', and 'fugue', symptoms 'Sybil' also had. When Multiple Personality became a separate diagnosis in 1980, it even kept the diagnostic code: 300.14. On page 73, of Sybil Exposed, Nathan fabricates details of the sex life of Flora Schreiber (the author of ) by adding the words 'penis' and 'finger' - Schreiber's' sex life is certainly crossing a major boundary, 'sexing up' and inventing non-existent details, and so the book continues. The original scans from page 73's source are on Dr Patrick Suraci's website - proving there's no references to a penis, or fingers. Debbie Nathan even calls 'Sybil,' a victim of severe child abuse, a 'perpetrator' of fraud. But Nathan only wrote this after the death of 'Sybil'. Of course. Perhaps the only thing exposed in Sybil Exposed is the fabrications within the book itself.

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