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A version of this article appears in print on September 14, 2015, on Page D1 of the with the headline: A Quick Reminder of a Sport’s Violence.

In the absence of scientific data on this subject, one can utilize the vast quantity of social science research that has been conducted on youth crime/school violence to enhance our understanding of how the media may be influencing public opinion about "sports rage." According to the Justice Policy Institute (JPI), between 1993 and 1999, there was a 68% decline in youth homicide in the United States (the lowest rate since 1966). Since 1992, school-associated violent death is down 72%. Conversely, between 1990 and 1998, despite the fact that there was a 33% decline in murders, network homicide coverage was up 473%. Furthermore, although homicides constitute 0.1% - 0.2% of all arrests, more than 25% of crimes reported during evening news were homicides (Dorfman & Schiraldi, 2001).

In an effort to more fully understand this phenomenon, the Rutgers Youth Sports Research Council conducted a search of the "Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe," a computerized database covering more than 5,000 publications throughout the United States. Using the key words "youth sports" and "violence," more than 1,000 citations were returned dating back twenty years. Many of the references were "false positives," meaning that they dealt primarily with other issues and only made a passing mention to violence in youth sports. In addition, no clear trends emerged. Perhaps most important, the investigation failed to produce any evidence to substantiate the belief that violence in youth sports had reached epidemic proportions in recent years.

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But not everyone agrees with this doomsday scenario. [1] Much of the disagreement regarding the incidence of "sports rage" stems from the lack of a common definition. Alternately, the media often groups violent incidents, such as physical assaults against officials, with unsportsmanlike behavior, such as booing or heckling participants. While neither example should be tolerated at a sporting event, (especially one involving impressionable children) they represent dramatically different behaviors and should not be considered in the same light.

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Participate in: A Basketball Game or a Volley Ball Game Violence in Sports By : Leane Capitano and Hillary Walsh Spectator Violence •Spectator vs. Spectator = this is often the result of a few people that go to a sporting event specifically to start trouble

Guard Willie Colon echoed what many players have said when asked about football injuries and violence. They echo my sentiments as well when it comes to football, mountain climbing and participation in extreme sports: You make your choices and live with them.

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Experts on youth violence have been asked for their thoughts on the subject of sports rage as well. Dan Macallair, vice president of the Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, recently indicated that he believes there is an increase in violence at youth sporting events – particularly among adults. However, "we really don't know because we don't have the evidence," Macallair said. "My guess is that it's probably less than we think. . . My gut is that it's being reported more frequently and more widely just because of modern-day media practices and media technology" (James & Ziemer, 2001).

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At the core of the C.T.E. research is a critical question: is the kind of injury being uncovered by McKee and Omalu incidental to the game of football or inherent in it? Part of what makes dogfighting so repulsive is the understanding that violence and injury cannot be removed from the sport. It’s a feature of the sport that dogs almost always get hurt. Something like stock-car racing, by contrast, is dangerous, but not unavoidably so.